How do MotoGP riders keep their cool?

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We know all about Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo’s bikes and equipment. The brakes are made from carbon and the rims are magnesium, but our riders’ nerves are made of steel. Here’s how they manage to keep their cool during the competition.

How do MotoGP riders keep their cool?

Follow these tips to keep your cool and stay in control, to perform to the best of your ability.

From the moment they arrive at the circuit to when they cross the finish line, professional riders follow a strict training and eating regime. They do this to give themselves the best chance in the race and, as is to be expected, this situation puts them under a lot of pressure.

MotoGP riders must also be focused. They need to keep lots of emotions in check on the track, and a momentary loss of concentration could end up in a fall. So, how do riders keep their cool?


Just like in all sports, breathing is very important during a MotoGP. Inhaling and exhaling rhythmically will ensure that our brain gets enough oxygen, even if we are in a stressful situation. One way to do this is try to make each breath last for six seconds: inhale for three seconds and exhale for three seconds.

Jorge Lorenzo en Catar
Jorge Lorenzo en Catar


Experts recommend that we sleep for eight hours every night. This is even more important if we have a competition ahead of us. If this is the case, the best idea is to make sure we sleep well in the week leading up to the race. Our minds and bodies must be well rested, and the best way to manage this is by sleeping. If we are so nervous that we can’t sleep, we should spend eight hours resting in bed. This way, at least our bodies will be able to recharge their batteries.

Planning ahead

During a GP weekend, a rider’s schedule is perfectly planned out. They know exactly where they are going to be, the aim of each activity, and what is expected of them before even setting foot in the paddock. This is incredibly important, as not planning anything ahead of the competition can make the situation even more stressful.



Riders should always try and look on the bright side, whatever happens. Motivation comes from within, so we must always take on the competition with a smile. A positive attitude will help us to face any complications that rear their head along the way. We mustn’t forget to enjoy what we’re doing, either. This is one of the most important aspects when competing.


Staying well hydrated helps us to concentrate, especially when taking part in a  competition that is as demanding competition as MotoGP. Water also helps to prevent cramps and eliminate toxins; the benefits are endless.

A welcoming environment

Being surrounded by your friends and family can help to ease your nerves, as you are in a more familiar environment. If this isn’t possible, going for a quick walk can help, as well as doing some light exercise, listening to music, or watching a film to calm you down and stimulate your mind.

Marc y Álex Márquez en el GP de Jerez
Marc y Álex Márquez en el GP de Jerez

If you have to face challenges in your day-to-day life, whether it be a competition or a job interview, try and tackle them like Marc and Jorge. Follow these tips to keep your cool and stay in control, to perform to the best of your ability.

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