Diet and exercise, key for training

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To be at the top level, our riders complement their day to day with a well studied table of diet and exercise.

Marc Márquez en bicicleta
Diet and exercise, key for training

A good physical condition helps the performance in each GP

Physical training

In physical terms, one of the most important variables to keep in mind for any international rider, this is the moment of the season. In the pre-season, the Repsol riders are used to a combination of different sporting disciplines.

A Repsol rider’s routine includes runs, motocross and even aquatic sports, in the time before the championship kicks off. The idea is to keep the body in shape and reinforce the rider’s competitiveness. Of course, the psychological side is very important in individual sports and that’s why they work on this as well.

Before and after each GP

The moments before and after each calender date are key. In this phase the type of exercise and treatment are radically different. If we analyze the time before each Grand Prix, it’s normal to perform a series of joint stretches as well as assisted and isometric stretches.

After the race the medical staff evaluate each member of the Repsol Honda Team individually and assure that they haven’t injured themselves. For better recovery, they usually give massages after the considerate amount of overexertion that each GP entails.

Cocina del hospitality de HRC
Cocina del hospitality de HRC


Nutrition is the complement to the physical side. A balanced diet helps a speedy recovery and allows the athlete to be at their top level when it’s time to take on another training session or race.

As for the type of nutrition, carbohydrates stand out, and what are they? Optimal fuel to take on the hardest weeks of training. At night, the diet is reinforced with foods rich in protein combined with fruit and vegetables.

It’s also necessary for our pilots to stay hydrated with water or isotonic drinks before each GP. We mustn’t forget that in a lot of international races they are exposed to very high temperatures.

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