Cookies Policy

Repsol respects your right to privacy when you use our website and apps and when you connect with us. In addition, we want to maintain a transparent relationship with you, informing you of how we securely collect and process any information arising from your navigation. To do so, we have developed this Cookies Policy (hereinafter “Cookies Policy”) which will let you know how we use cookies. It is important that you read this Cookies Policy closely as it will allow you to make an informed choice about all the services we make available to you.

This Policy does not apply to third-party websites or apps, including those that can be accessed through a link from our websites and apps.

If you would like more information about our Cookies Policy, you can send your question to us at the following email address: For more information on how we process your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

1. What are cookies?

Our websites and apps use a technology called “cookies” to learn how you use them while you browse. A cookie is a small text file that the websites and apps you visit send to the browser you are using. They allow it to store and remember information about your visit, language preferences, and other options that enable them to make your user experience more efficient and facilitate access to and navigation of the website or app next time you visit or use it, making it more useful for you. For further information, please refer to this Cookies Policy.

2. Why are cookies important?

Cookies allow us to improve the usability of our websites and apps and offer you better services and navigation that is more agile, quick, and secure.

For example, cookies help us to:

  • Provide a more personalized navigation experience.
  • Protect the security of your navigation and Your Account.
  • Know, understand, and improve the use of our products and services.

Keep in mind that your consent to the use of cookies during your navigation will allow us to obtain more information about your preferences and personalize our websites and apps according to your individual interests. They also allow us to show you advertising on later visits to this or other websites regarding Repsol group products and/or services whose information you have accessed during navigation, and which we understand to be products or services that you may be interested in.

At Repsol, we do not create profiles involving solely automated decision making that may have a legal effect on you as a user or that could affect you in any similar way.

3. How do you provide your Consent to us?

By accepting the use of cookies, you are providing your consent to using the cookies that you have selected in this Cookies Policy’s conditions.

4. How can I revoke my consent to the use of cookies?

You can disable cookies at any time through this link.

Likewise, we remind you that you can block or eliminate the cookies installed on your computer for the website/app via your internet browser’s configuration. Your browser’s “help” button will provide you with additional information on how to configure your browser. Remember that we have provided you with additional information on how to disable or eliminate cookies in the “How can I configure my cookies?” Section.

All changes that you make to your browser’s configuration regarding cookies for the website/app will be saved until you decide to make new changes.

5. How can I configure my cookies?

You can configure your cookies by clicking on this link.

Likewise, we invite you to check your internet browser’s current configuration. From there, you can allow, block, or eliminate cookies for the website/app that are installed on your computer. Your browser’s “help” button will provide you with additional information on how to configure your browser.

We will explain how below, but keep in mind that it may vary based on the browser you are using:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad)

Chrome for Android

You do not need to have Not Necessary cookies activated to use or navigate on our website/app. However, if you deactivate cookies, you cannot access all the functionalities that we offer you and therefore, the use of some of their services may be limited, the usability of the navigation may be diminished, and the user experience may be less personalized.

6. Who uses Repsol cookies?

In addition to Repsol’s own cookies, remember that we use statistics and third-party advertising cookies. The list of third parties that use the cookies are included in the following section, “What types of cookies does Repsol use?”

7. What types of Cookies does Repsol use?

You can find detailed information about the cookies we use below and also see how they are configured here.