Repsol Team

Repsol has been part of the world of Competition for more than 50 years, since 1969, holding on to values such as hard work, effort, innovation, and commitment. Supporting our future champions through our sponsors in the world of Motorsports is just as important as supporting our athletes, right now.

Competitions are also a unique testing ground for our products. The sporting vehicles are subjected to extreme conditions, which allow us to test our fuels and lubricants in a highly demanding environment.

Repsol takes part in th MotoGP and Trial World Championships, thanks to the Repsol Honda Team. We’re also in the Dakar Rally through our support to Isidre Esteve’s team. When it comes to airborne competition, we collaborate with Juan Velarde at the Red Bull Air Race and with Cástor Fantoba at the European and Worldwide Aerobatics Championships.

We’ve been connected to the world of motorsports from the very beginning. Today, we are excited by and committed to supporting all kinds of athletes, from those who start in the motorcycling, to well-established professionals in the most demanding competitions.

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Repsol, 50 years of motorsports

Since 1969, Repsol has been present in the world of motorsports for 50 years, always alongside big names such as Honda. This union with the Japanese factory has made us witness great successes in the last 25 years in the world of motorcycling.