Five benefits of keeping well hydratated in MotoGP

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When the temperature begins to go up and rises beyond 35 degrees, all of us need to keep well hydrated. Now, imagine putting on a race suit, getting on a MotoGP bike that weighs more than 150 kg, and having to lift it several times in the course of a 45-minute race. That is when proper hydration becomes a crucial element in achieving top performance.

Five benefits of keeping well hydratated in MotoGP

Being well hydrated puts riders in a more positive state of mind


During the MotoGP season, the weather is something everyone talks about as it has a huge impact on the bikes…but what about the riders? When the air temperature goes up to 35 degrees and the asphalt gets as hot as 50, keeping well hydrated is key to giving your all from a physical point of view. Here are the five most important benefits:

1. Good hydration improves concentration on the track.

When you are about to make a considerable physical effort, you should first make sure you are well hydrated. This helps you remain fully focused on what you are doing. During races such as those held in Sepang (Malaysia), MotoGP riders can lose between 2 and 3 % of their body weight. This is why they can lose concentration if they are not well hydrated before getting to the track, which in turn affects performance.


2. Hydration prevents muscle cramps

Being well hydrated prevents riders getting cramps during races. To ensure this, they must drink around 3 litres of water a day: half a litre two hours before the start of the race, between 120–140 ml from the “camel back” (the pouch riders carry on their backs, allowing them to drink while riding) during the race and, at the end, as much as they need to compensate for the weight they have lost during the race. Weight loss at high temperatures during a MotoGP race tends to oscillate between 1.5 and 2 kilograms.

3. Hydration improves your mood

In a professional competition such as MotoGP, being confident at the start of the race is key. Being well hydrated puts riders in a more positive state of mind and, therefore, gives them a better attitude before the challenges ahead.

4. Hydration helps eliminate toxins from the body

A MotoGP rider can sweat more than a litre of water during a 45-minute race. Proper hydration is crucial for eliminating toxins from the body correctly, as this depends on the amount of liquid consumed before the race.

5. Hydration helps maintain a good heart rate during the race

Consuming the right amount of liquids before the race helps prevent high concentrations of red blood cells. This way, the rider’s heart rate will be appropriate for the level of activity. Failing to do this will result in a faster heart rate and mean that the rider will tire more quickly.

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