Crash for Sergío García Dols after fighting back 18 places

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The Repsol Moto3 rider crashes whilst trying to avoid another rider, when in tenth position. Ryusei Yamanaka finishes 23rd.

Crash for Sergío García Dols after fighting back 18 places

Sergio García Dols started the Teruel Grand Prix 28th on the grid, but set a good pace from the beginning and clocked the fastest lap of the race. The Spaniard gained 25 places, reaching third.

On the last kilometres of the race, when riding in tenth, he was unable to avoid a crash for a rider in front of him, and would be forced to retire.

Teammate Ryusei Yamanaka started from 25th and was able to gain two positions before the end, placing 23rd. The Japanese rider was part of a group battling for points.

After the Teruel Grand Prix, Sergio García Dols is 17th in the overall standings with 37 points. Ryusei Yamanaka is 24th with 13 points.

Aragon GP 2020 – Moto3 Race – Riders statements

Sergio García Dols

“At the beginning of the race I had a good pace, and this allowed me to keep in the group. However, in the middle of the race my pace dropped, I made a small mistake and the group separated lap by lap. I tried to keep up, but I couldn’t do it, and I don’t know why. I haven’t taken any points in these last three races and I don’t know exactly what has happened. I have to change something and I will try to do that, right to the end.”

Ryusei Yamanaka

“This was a very difficult weekend. I had never been in this situation before, of being in pain since Friday and with everything up against me. My start was not bad at all, and I was able to gain some places on the fast corners. Even so, I didn’t have the pace this weekend, the feeling with the bike was not good and the setup was bad. It was hard to push like we normally do and now it’s time to change things for next week.”

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