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Introducing the new Honda CL500, a scrambler for the 21st century

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Honda has revived the CL acronym it used in the past and introduced it into the nomenclature for a new scrambler-style model. We are talking about the CL500, a more urban naked style bike, which allows for both weekend getaways and leisurely excursions on dirt roads.

Introducing the new Honda CL500, a scrambler for the 21st century

The new Honda CL500 is inspired by some of the models Honda produced in the 1960s and 1970s. It combines a retro design with cutting-edge technology and features, creating an unprecedented and unique style of motorcycle in Honda’s current lineup.

The new CL500 from Honda is a scrambler, a motorcycle described by its manufacturer as an urban naked style bike, capable of navigating through big city traffic with ease, and suitable for weekend trips and even off-road excursions without too much hassle. In addition, it is equipped with a seat large enough for it to be enjoyed by two people.

23YM CL500

All the details on the new 2023 scrambler

The Honda CL500’s scrambler styling is apparent in every aspect of the bike: the wide, raised handlebars, the smooth lines on the 12-liter fuel tank, the round headlight at the front, the minimalist instrumentation, and the “2-in-1″ exhaust system with a raised tailpipe on the right side. The 19” diameter front wheel, long travel suspension, and deep-treaded tires also give away what kind of bike the CL500 is.

This new model has a number of new details such as rubber protectors on the tank sides, fork bellows, round turn signals, padded seat upholstery with embossed Honda logo, and a stainless steel muffler protector. All these details make this new Honda CL emanate quality, no matter which way you look at it. Undoubtedly, it is a unique and eye-catching motorcycle, and the price of the Honda CL500 is also appealing. It is scheduled to be available in dealerships starting in May 2023 with a price set at €6,750.

23YM CL500

During its development, Honda has used the slogan “Express yourself”. The idea was to create a motorcycle targeted at young riders who want to stand out from the crowd and who are looking for a bike that makes daily transport easier, both within and outside the cities, and that allows them to enjoy riding it every day of the week. Of course, Honda also wanted to make the bike easy to customize and therefore has come up with a long list of original motorcycle accessories to further enhance the model’s strong personality.

23YM CL500

Although the Honda CL500’s design is inspired by models from more than half a century ago, it is unquestionably equipped with technology fit for a modern motorcycle. Proof of this is in the LED lighting, which includes four bulbs in the main headlight. You cannot miss the digital instrumentation display, only 100 mm in diameter, but with a lot of information such as the gear ratio or fuel consumption, among other parameters.

23YM CL500

Technical specifications of the new Honda CL500

This new Honda model is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated scramblers of 2023. This is not only due to the extensive customization options and competitive price. We must also mention some other features that this model offers that are also interesting.

Same engine as the Honda CB500 and the Honda CMX500

The CL500 is powered by the same 471 cc parallel twin-cylinder engine as Honda’s CB500 and CMX500. It advertises 35 kW of maximum power, making it a model that suits A2 license holders perfectly. To adapt it to the needs of the CL500, Honda has added a control unit with specific settings and a shorter final drive. With these movements, the bike’s response is intended to be more energetic when turning the right hand throttle and thus achieve better acceleration from a standing start.

Like the rest of the models in the CB500 family, this bike’s engine has an eight-valve cylinder head, liquid cooling, six-speed gearbox, and a clutch equipped with an anti-lock braking system. Other aspects worth mentioning are the crankshaft with crankpins phased at 180° and the balance shaft positioned behind the cylinders, resulting in a very smooth performance with hardly any vibrations. As is the case with the other models, the Honda CL500 advertises a very low fuel consumption of only 3.6 liters/100 km, making it easy to get over 330 km on a single tank of fuel.

23YM CL500

Double-cradle tubular chassis

The chassis is very reminiscent of that of the CMX500 Rebel. It is also made of steel tubes and is a double-cradle chassis that stops at the height of the engine. Even so, it has a subframe that extends further to the rear in order to provide the necessary support for the longer seat.

Honda CL500 suspension, brakes, and wheels

At the front it is supported by a telescopic fork with 150 mm of travel and 41 mm diameter bars. At the rear is a pair of shock absorbers that can be adjusted in spring preload in five positions and provide 145 mm of travel to the rear axle. The disc brake system consists of a 310 mm front disc with a parallel two-piston caliper and a 240 mm rear disc with a single-piston caliper. The wheels are alloy and are fitted with 110/80-19″ and 150/70-17″ tires. Another technical highlight are the 192 kg reported in curb weight.

23YM CL500

Available colors and accessories

The Honda CL500 is available in four colors called Candy Energy Orange, Mat Laurel Green Metallic, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic.

Moreover, it has a wide range of original accessories that can be purchased either separately or in three different packs. These include the “Adventure Pack” (knuckle guards, high front fender, shock absorber covers, and “rally” footpegs), the “Travel Pack” (saddlebags, heated grips, ACC power socket, adjustable brake lever, and a tank pad) and the “Style Pack” (wheel strips, headlight cowl, side covers, and high seat).

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