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What types of motorcycles are there? What’s yours?

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Without going into too much detail, we have listed the most common types of registrable motorcycles. Which one do you choose?

Honda Shadow rodando por carretera
What types of motorcycles are there? What’s yours?

The two-wheel market includes a large quantity of makes and models. Some are designed for specific uses or tastes. Although there tend to be models that include a variety of characteristics, when buying a bike, you must be clear on what you will be using it for. These are the types of registrable motorcycles we can find.

Moto Honda CBR 1000 en carretera

Sport bikes (CBR1000RR SP)

Supersport bikes are included within the sport bike category. Both of these types of bikes are to be 100% driven on asphalt. They’re road bikes with which you can also do laps on a circuit and enjoy it’s impressive power, as well as lean over like some of the MotoGP icons.

They’re models with fairings that are aerodynamic and designed for speed. They usually have four-cylinder engines that are usually powered between 600 and 1,000 cc. Although more exotic engines can also be found and, at a lesser scale, models with lower displacement. It’s cycle part tends to establish a dynamic, high-performing set.

They are powered close to or over 100 Cv and can exceed 10,000 Rpm. The suspension is usually an inverted fork, with adjustment features and are usually accompanied by a large, powerful, front-end, double disc braking system, and sport tyres.

Whoever decides to ride these machines must give up comfort when it comes to travel, both due to the driving position and the absence of storage space. Altthough the sensations of riding on well-kept asphalt will be impressive.

Dos honda goldwing en carretera

Touring bike (Honda Gold Wing)

Touring bikes are the gold standard of road travel. Like sport bikes, they are completely covered in fairing, but in this case, the design favours aerodynamic comfort over high speed. The riding position is much more upright and relaxed. Usually, they are big bikes, over 750cc and with multi-cylinder engines that prioritise high torque over high power as it’s the case of the Honda Goldwing.

Its design is made for comfort, meaning you will find ample space for luggage, as well as equipment with elements such as heated handlebars, a sound system, navigation, cruise control, or electronically adjustable screens. Additionally, they have a wide range that tends to exceed 200 km.

It’s cycle part is geared toward stability on the asphalt, even if it is in bad shape and the tyres installed usually have a harder, central tread pattern to balance out the wear after riding many kilometres on highways with little tilt.

Some special models like Sport-Touring bikes combine comfort with a touch of sport elements for riders who like to travel without giving up enjoying the sensation of turning.

CBR 1000 parada

Naked bikes (Honda CB1000R)

The most exhibitionist bikes. Naked bikes have a variety of incredible models, which include some for every taste. There are some with names like “Street fighters” or “Café Racer” As the name indicates, they are models that have exposed parts and, in some cases, don’t have any fairing to protect the rider from the wind.

Usually, they are versatile bikes with sport-like elements and are suitable for daily use, both on the open road and in cities. Their mechanics and cycle equipment are the most varied.

According to what the brand wants to transmit to the rider, they may be derived from touring or sport models, but in all cases, minimal fairing is key and the possibility of viewing and seeing all of the motorcycle’s innards.

África Twin rodando en offroad

Trail bikes (Honda Africa Twin)

Trail bikes are versatile with a mixture of touring and off-road capabilities. These models tend to have complete travel equipment with a large storage capacity and technology usually available in touring bikes such as adjustable screens or a navigation system. Additionally, its riding position is fairly comfortable and upright.

From a mechanical standpoint, it’s usually made up of mono or bi-cylindrical propellers with medium or high displacement that have a good dose of torque, as well as various engine maps for different types of terrain.

Its cycle part is designed for off-road tracks with long-distance shock absorption, good ground clearance, and mixed tyres that allow off-road rides with a complete guarantee. Additionally, they have a wide range to allow you to complete tracks without being afraid of running out of fuel.

Honda CRF250 de enduro

Enduro bikes (Honda CRF250L)

Enduro bikes, like trail bikes, are versatile, but in this case, they are designed to circulate on complicated terrain, and is the most similar to a motocross model, but is appropriate to ride on public streets.

They are models that are clearly designed for off-road use, with which riders can participate in these types of sporting events. Only the most complicated obstacles can resist these bikes. They can be found with monocylindrical engines with low or medium displacement and with a cycle part that is destined for use on rugged tracks or terrains.

Contrary to trail bikes, they have the minimum required equipment to be able to circulate on roads. They have suspension and ideal elements for guaranteed navigation on terrains, rivers, and jumps.

Honda shadow rodando en carretera

Custom bikes (Honda VT750C Shadow)

Custom bikes are only used on roads. Its style can vary a lot from one model to another but, as a general rule, one thing matters above the rest: standing out. This can be achieved with a large quantity of chrome parts, large tyres, large mudguards, and its great ability for customixation or personalisation, hence, its name. Whether it’s with saddlebags, additional lights, or simply with leather fringe, a custom bike will be different from any other.

Generally, they are equipped with large two-cylinder V engines, reaching some of the largest dimensions for two-wheeled vehicles.

The riding position may vary greatly according to the model and owner, but are normally ridden in a comfortable position that allows to ride for many kilometres without realising it. If you want to feel the breeze, some are completely devoid of fairing, while others are completely covered, for riders who want to feel safer. Although, as is the case with good customisable models, you can always add a removable screen.

Its equipment is completely varied, as is the rest. From the minimum required to circulate up to equipment found in the best touring bikes, with sound systems, navigation, and luggage compartments. Weigh your large engines and torque. They have a wide range thanks to their large fuel tanks,

SH125i rodando con piloto y pasajero

Scooters (Honda SH125)

The ideal bikes for the city. Scooters stand out in traffic for their agility and reaction speed. There is a wide variety of models, from the most basic ones until the ones that can be used to travel long distances without foregoing comfort.

The cylinders in which they are found, tend to be low or medium, the best being 125cc. Their monocylindrical engines have been designed by minimal consumption and thanks to their automatic transmission through a continuous shift, they always have better acceleration and high speed which allows them to circulate on practically any road.

Their tyers tend to be small or medium, which makes them very agile motorcycles at low-speed. They have a simple braking system, but which contain ABS and suspensions geared more toward comfort than competitiveness.

Another great advantage they have is their loading capacity. With a compartment under the seat that can fit one or two helmets, as well as something else that could also be stored in your rear compartment. This provides us with the possibility of going grocery shopping without fear of running out of space.

Low consumption, agility, and the possibility of parking anywhere, for example, in many of our city’s restricted areas which make motorcycles, our best urban allies.

Moto Montesa Honda Cota 4RT

Other types of motorcycles:

In the market and in the specialized media you can often find other types of motorcycles, which are usually variations of those already mentioned here. The mopeds are usually small scooters limited to 50cc engines, while the mega or maxiscooters are larger types of scooters, more oriented to longer displacements or with greater displacement.

The Supermotard are variants of enduro bikes but with a more asphalt vocation while the trial bikes, such as those manufactured by Montesa and that are not registrable, are motorcycles that will allow us to overcome all kinds of obstacles as they do Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami.

Finally, we may see names such as Choppers, Cruisers, Bobber… these are all types of custom motorcycles, each oriented to a different style and with wide legions of followers.

Now that you know the main types of motorcycles, tell us which one is yours?

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