RC212V Casey Stoner

Honda RC212V (2011)

Casey Stoner came to the Repsol Honda Team in 2011. In his first year wearing the colours of Repsol the Australian was able to match his aggressive riding style with a perfectly developed machine by Honda and Repsol.

This is how Stoner’s title-winning bike developed:

Due to the new maximum displacement of 800cc, which was imposed in 2007, Honda developed a new V4 engine. During the following years, electronics improved. The pneumatic valve system was introduced and the weight distribution was optimised to create an even more manageable bike. Additionally, to maintain a high level of power, screamer firing was used. This bike, along with its corresponding updates, is the one ridden by Stoner in 2011, with the new seamless gearbox, that allowed to get even more out of the engine.

And the maximum output exceeded 200 horsepower, which meant a slight drop in the top speed but the capacity to brake later and accelerate sooner when coming out of a turn.


  • World Championships: 1
  • Wins with Stoner: 10
  • Podiums with Stoner: 16