NSR 500 Alex Crivillé

Honda NSR 500 (1999)

In addition to Mick Doohan, if there is another rider who fans associate with the NSR500, it is Álex Crivillé. His 1999 world title marked a historic milestone for Spanish motorcycling.

This is how Crivillé’s title-winning bike developed:

When Álex Crivillé began riding the NSR500, it already was the best bike on the world stage. Honda incorporated the “Big Bang” firing system, since it was a more docile motorbike. But the regulation changes in 1998 made engine modifications necessary which, in turn, made it loose power. To overcome this, it was necessary to revert to screamer firing, which maintained power above 180CV.

Doohan proved that he was the perfect rider for it but then Crivillé came along to demonstrate that the Australian was not the only one.


  • World Championships: 1
  • VWins with Crivillé in ’99: 6
  • Podiums with Crivillé in ’99: 10