NSR 500 Mick Doohan

Honda NSR 500 (1995-1998)

The name of the rider Mick Doohan will always be linked to this legendary bike. Five world titles vouch for the Australian rider, four of which he won in the colours of the Repsol Honda Team.

This is how Doohan’s title-winning bike developed:

The NSR500 made its debut in the 1984 season and quickly became a legendary machine, with a performance power for that time that few riders were able to fully exploit. In 1992, Honda developed the“Big Bang”, a new engine with a totally different firing order, that smoothed the engine’s performance. Some years, Doohan preferred using the old screamer, which was more aggressive.

We are talking about more than 180 horsepower, which made it an aggressive machine that demanded a very high level of riding skill.


  • World Championships: 4
  • Wins with Doohan from ’95 to ’98: 35
  • Podiums with Doohan from ’95 to ’98: 47