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Summer motorcycle jackets

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They are not mandatory, but summer or “ventilated” jackets are highly recommended when riding a motorcycle on hot days.

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Summer motorcycle jackets

Enjoying your motorcycle in summer shouldn’t mean we let our guard down when it comes to equipment and protection. Whenever we get behind the controls of our motorcycle, it is recommended that we use the proper attire. Riding a motorcycle in summer with winter clothing can become very suffocating, so the correct thing to do is to use an appropriate jacket for the warmest season of the year.

Why motorcycle jackets are necessary during Summer

Hot weather should not be an excuse to ride a motorcycle in a T-shirt, shorts, or sandals, or not to put on gloves. Drivers are still even sometimes seen not using their helmets. Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that those of us who ride motorcycles should relax and not dress in appropriate gear. We must always think about our safety and although summer motorcycle jackets are thinner and lighter, they are designed to offer a degree of optimal safety in the event of a fall, as they combine fabrics that allow air circulation with other more resistant ones in the most exposed areas. They also have interior protections that absorb a large part of the possible impacts.


It is also true that there are cordura jackets that are developed to be used equally during the four seasons of the year. Such jackets are those that in their interior they include a thermal lining and sometimes a second waterproof lining, which can be “detached” when the heat arrives. Furthermore, these types of jackets usually include zipper closures at different points such as the chest, armpits, sleeves, or back, that can be opened as “windows” and thus allow air circulation, providing its user with a great feeling of freshness when riding the bike. In this case, it will be better if the zippers are equipped with suitable pulls so that it is easy to use them with gloves on. We will thus be able to make the most of open road or a quick stop to open or close the aforementioned zippers without taking our gloves off.

Summer jackets prices

In the same way, there are specific jackets to be used on the warmest days of the year, although this also forces us to spend more money, as we have to have at least two jackets, one for cold days and another for the warmest ones. Anyway, summer jackets made of cordura or nylon material aren’t excessively expensive, and we can find a varied selection between 100 and 200 euros. This clothing, considerably lighter and more comfortable, is usually called “ventilated”.

They usually combine pieces of perforated polyester mesh on the chest and the back, and perhaps also on the sleeve area, with another more abrasion-resistant cordura in the most exposed areas. The aforementioned perforated mesh or grille lets the air circulate, continuously cooling the upper part of our body, without having to worry about opening and closing zips. Most commonly, they do not include any type of detachable internal lining, but, indeed, some of them come very well prepared and have a pocket that hides a raincoat to put on if it suddenly starts to rain.

In the same way, we can use it as a windbreaker in case of an unforeseen drop in temperature or if it gets dark. If it doesn’t include the raincoat, it does not hurt to be proactive and purchase one separately to combine it with the “ventilated” or summer jacket in case it is necessary, especially if we plan to travel with it.

How should the jacket fit us?

Of course, when buying a “ventilated” jacket, it is very important to choose the appropriate size. It should be slightly loose so that it does not excessively tighten to our body and thus allow air to circulate without barriers. Nor should it be too big, because, being made of lightweight fabrics, if it is too loose, it can flap and produce annoying bumps against our torso when riding at fast speeds or when maintaining high speeds on fast roads.

As well as choosing the correct size and more so if it is a “four season” jacket without its internal linings, it is important that it has different pulls to be able to adjust it appropriately to our arms and waist. In this way, we will avoid it flapping and fluttering excessively with the air caused by the speed. Likewise, in areas such as forearms, elbows, and shoulders, it should have thicker and more resistant cordura (even leather) to properly protect us in the event of a fall. And, of course, that it includes detachable protections on elbows, shoulders, and if possible, back. Sometimes, the back protector usually isn’t included in the price, but it is a very recommended extra to add.

Although they aren’t as cool as “ventilated” cordura jackets, there are also “light” leather jackets made to be used on days with high temperatures. These incorporate some of their pieces made of perforated leather, which is characterized by having many small holes that allow air to pass and circulate to an extent.

Furthermore, some likely have openings with zippers to facilitate the entry of air even more. They are somewhat heavier and don’t transmit the coolness of a “ventilated” cordura jacket, but in their favor, you have to say that in the event of a fall, the degree of protection that they offer is considerably greater.

The summer jacket offer that exists in the market is varied and broad. Therefore, there is no excuse to ride your motorcycle during the warmest months without being equipped with appropriate clothing for the occasion.

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