The five keys to winning a MotoGP race

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The work involved in a GP doesn’t start on the Sunday of the race. There are a number of matters we must carefully go over from the moment we set foot on the circuit on Wednesday. All the details must be meticulously reviewed if we want to win one of the world’s most thrilling competitions.

Técnicos en el box Repsol Honda
The five keys to winning a MotoGP race

Information is very important because it contributes to the constant development of the bike

1. Tests and planning

The clock is ticking and, without a second to waste, the team prepares to adjust the bike’s specifications. What will be put to the test during the FP1? What condition is the asphalt in? How will the weather affect conditions? All of these questions must be answered by the technical team, who will design a strategy for each session and the race as such. The bike’s telemetry, frame, and other components are adjusted to the needs of the competition.

Técnico Repsol Honda sosteniendo rueda en el paddock
Técnico Repsol Honda sosteniendo rueda en el paddock

2. Choosing the tyres

Choosing the right tyre is always one of the most important parts of planning a strategy. Tyres are the point of contact between the bike and the asphalt and, as such, there are many elements to consider when choosing them. The temperature and conditions on the track, as well as the weather, are just some of them. Nor can we forget about the specific shape of the circuit. The tyres will behave differently depending on whether there are many turns or long, straight stretches of track, for instance.


3. Listening to the rider’s feedback

Though the entire team works on the bike, only one member rides it. A rider can tell a lot from actually riding the bike and experience many sensations that cannot be captured by telemetry. A rider’s confidence is also key to winning the race. To secure this information and achieve this confidence, listening to what the rider has to say about their experience is very important. The aim is to offer them the sensations they want and allow them to drive in a more comfortable and safer manner.

Marc Márquez preparándose para salir al pit lane
Marc Márquez preparándose para salir al pit lane

4. Working as a team

Before the race is the time to bring all of this information together. Every team member offers their opinion as to how to improve the bike’s performance based on the work carried out over the weekend. All of the information gathered is important and the opinions of each of the technicians helps the team make the final decisions. The head technician and the rider have the last say, but decisions are made by everyone, as a team.

5. Collecting information for future races

The information collected by the team throughout the GP, including during the race, is kept in a file that is sent to Honda. There, technicians make decisions to improve the bike with a broader outlook beyond the next race to a more distant future. This information is very important because it contributes to the constant development of the bike and places the Honda RC213V at the cutting edge of competition motorbikes.

If we do all of this, the chances of winning a MotoGP race will be much greater. We must not underestimate elements that are beyond our control, such as luck, riding skills, the motivation of riders, or changes in asphalt conditions during the race. In such cases, the rider and their dexterity become more important factors in determining their chances of winning.

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