Riding in extreme heat in the MotoGP

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One of the most important parts during the MotoGP preseason is riding in the intense heat that Sepang is known for.

Riding in extreme heat in the MotoGP

How do they prepare?

Personal training

  • Physical training with more clothes on

  • Training during the hottest hours of the day

  • Sauna sessions

On the track

  • More liquids and a special diet

  • More ventilation in their clothing

  • Carrying half a litre of water in their jumpsuit’s pouch


  • A MotoGP rider loses somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5kg in each race.
  • In drier conditions, they can cramp up or find it hard to concentrate.

How does it affect the engines?

Air expands when it is hot, so there is less oxygen in the cylinders. That means less fuel will enter the tank, meaning a slight loss of power.

And everything else?

  • Brakes

    Carbon discs require certain temperatures. Anything below or above that and they won’t work correctly.

    In extreme heat, as much of the disc as possible is left in contact with the air.

  • Tyres

    With a lot of heat, grip decreases and tyre temperature increases.

    With less gripping power, tyres slip more and overheat. This can damage them.

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