All the Repsol Honda MotoGP riders (1995–2021)

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The Repsol Honda team has seen about twenty riders come and go over more than two decades. Discover all the Repsol Honda team riders. A trip down memory lane, the world motorcycling legends on the best team in history.

Repsol honda MotoGP riders
All the Repsol Honda MotoGP riders (1995–2021)

Over more than 400 races, the Repsol Honda team riders achieved 180 victories, 447 podiums, 187 pole positions, and 195
fastest laps.

Find out what year the Repsol Honda MotoGP riders raced, what bike they rode and the numbers they used.

Mick Doohan 1995-1999

Mick Doohan came to the team early on. After winning the World Championship in 1994 and dominating the Honda NSR500, the Australian rider did not disappoint, winning the team’s first World Championship in 1995, with 7 victories and another three podiums. Doohan retired at the beginning of the 1999 season after an accident in the Spanish GP, having already won three other World Championships and marked a golden era for the Repsol Honda team.

  • Number: 1
  • World Championships: 4
  • Victories: 35
  • Podiums: 48
  • Fastest laps: 27
  • Pole positions: 37
  • Races: 59

Álex Crivillé 1995–2001

Álex Crivillé was another of the original Repsol Honda team riders. After several seasons with Honda and the NSR500, the Spanish rider showed that he would be a great contender, getting a win and another five podiums in his first season. He retired at the end of the 2001 season, having won the World Championship in 1999, the first Spanish driver to do so in the top class.

  • Numbers: 6 (1995) / 4 (1996, 1998) / 2 (1997) / 3 (1999) / 1 (2000) / 28 (2001)
  • World Championships: 1
  • Victories: 14
  • Podiums: 44
  • Fastest laps: 14
  • Pole positions: 9
  • Races: 99

Shinichi Itoh 1995–1996

The third Repsol Honda team rider in the first two years. Shinichi Itoh was the first Japanese rider to wear the Repsol colours. On his debut for the team, he achieved two podiums and secured a fifth place in the World Championship.

  • Numbers: 7 (1995) / 41 (1996)
  • Podiums: 2
  • Races: 28

Tadayuki Okada 1996-2000, 2008

Tadayuki Okada joined the Repsol Honda team in his second year as the fourth rider, grabbing two podiums and finishing runner-up in 1997. He retired in 2000, but again wore the team’s colours in 2008 with a wildcard in the Italian GP.

  • Numbers: 6 (1996) / 7 (1997) / 2 (1998) / 8 (1999, 2000, 2008)
  • Victories: 4
  • Podiums: 21
  • Fastest laps: 7
  • Pole positions: 7
  • Races: 71

Takuma Aoki 1997

Takuma Aoki was the third Japanese rider to race a Honda in the Repsol colours. Although he only did it for one season, Aoki got three podiums and a fifth place at the World Championship.

  • Number: 24
  • Podiums: 3
  • Races: 14

Sete Gibernau 1998-2000

Sete Gibernau joined the Repsol Honda team for his second season in the top class. In only his first year with the team, he achieved a podium at the Madrid GP and would join Crivillé and Okada as the third rider on the podium in the 1999 Catalunya GP.

  • Numbers: 15 (1998, 1999) / 5 (2000)
  • Podiums: 5
  • Fastest laps: 2
  • Pole positions: 1
  • Races: 45

Tohru Ukawa 2001-2002

Tohru Ukawa was the fourth Japanese rider to wear the Repsol Honda team colours. He experienced two key moments in the Motorcycle World Championship, the last 500cc season and the first season of the MotoGP era. He was Crivillé’s teammate in his final season and joined Valentino Rossi in the new 990cc era.

  • Number: 11
  • Victories: 1
  • Podiums: 10
  • Fastest laps: 3
  • Pole positions: 1
  • Races: 31

Valentino Rossi 2002-2003

Valentino Rossi arrived at the Repsol Honda team at the beginning of the new MotoGP era with 990cc motorcycles and was able to enjoy the spectacular Honda RC211V. Rossi won two consecutive World Championships for the team, taking 31 podiums out of a possible 32, 20 wins, and going down in history in the Repsol colours.

  • Number: 46
  • World Championships: 2
  • Victories: 20
  • Podiums: 31
  • Fastest laps: 21
  • Pole positions: 16
  • Races: 32

Nicky Hayden 2003-2008, 2016

Nicky Hayden joined the team in 2003 for his World Championship debut, alongside Rossi, and delighted fans with his spectacular riding style, finishing fifth in his first season. He has the third highest number of races with the team, and, in 2006, he won the MotoGP title in what would be the Honda RC211V’s last season on the track.

  • Numbers: 69 (2003–2006, 2008, 2016) 1 (2007)
  • World Championships: 1
  • Victories: 3
  • Podiums: 25
  • Fastest laps: 6
  • Pole positions: 5
  • Races: 100

Álex Barros 2004

The Brazilian wore the Repsol Honda team colours in 2004 as Hayden’s teammate. In his only season on the team, he finished fourth at the World Championship.

  • Number: 4
  • Podiums: 4
  • Fastest laps: 2
  • Races: 16

Max Biaggi 2005

Max Biaggi was the second Italian rider to wear the Repsol Honda team race suit. In his only season for the team, he achieved four podiums and fifth place in the World Championship.

  • Number: 3
  • Podiums: 4
  • Fastest laps: 1
  • Races: 17

Dani Pedrosa 2006-2018

Dani Pedrosa joined the team after winning two consecutive 250cc World Championships. On his MotoGP debut with the Repsol Honda team in 2006, he showed signs of being a rider who would undoubtedly become a legend, with a podium finish in his first race and winning soon after. He has the highest number of races with the team and took the most podiums. He was the only rider in the team who was able to race the three bikes from the MotoGP era, the Honda RC211V, the RC212V and the RC213V. After finishing runner-up three times and bringing some epic times to the team, he retired in 2018, going down as a MotoGP legend.

  • Numbers: 26 (2006–2007, 2010–2018) / 2 (2008) / 3 (2009)
  • Victories: 31
  • Podiums: 112
  • Fastest laps: 44
  • Pole positions: 31
  • Races: 217

Andrea Dovizioso 2009-2011

Andrea Dovizioso joined the Repsol Honda team as a rider, winning the British GP. Dovizioso would continue as a Repsol rider until 2011, the Honda RC212V’s final year.

  • Number: 4
  • Victories: 1
  • Podiums: 15
  • Fastest laps: 2
  • Pole positions: 1
  • Races: 52

Casey Stoner 2011-2012

Australian Casey Stoner spent two legendary seasons with the Repsol Honda Team. His aggressive riding style, drifting with the bike, and his personality quickly made him one of the most beloved riders. He won the MotoGP title in his first season with the team and the 800cc Honda RC212V’s last. He retired in 2012 after marking a new era for the Repsol Honda.

  • Numbers: 27 (2011) / 1 (2012)
  • World Championships: 1
  • Victories: 15
  • Podiums: 26
  • Fastest laps: 9
  • Pole positions: 17
  • Races: 32

Hiroshi Aoyama 2011, 2015-2016

Hiroshi Aoyama was the last Japanese rider to wear the Repsol Honda team colours. Although he wasn’t the main rider, he was back up for Dani Pedrosa when he was injured and the test rider for the team.

  • Numbers: 7 (2011, 2015, 2016) / 73 (2016 GP JAP)
  • Races: 6

Jonathan Rea 2012

Jonathan Rea was another rider who wore the Repsol colours without being the main team rider. He stepped in for Stoner in 2021 for two races when he couldn’t compete due to injury.

  • Number: 56
  • Races: 2

Marc Márquez 2013-2021

2013 marked a new golden era for the Repsol Honda team. Marc Márquez came to the team after having won the Moto2 World Championship with a promising career, and he didn’t disappoint. In his first race for the team, the Qatar GP in 2013, he achieved the fastest lap and a podium finish, and swept the competition in the second round of the season, the GP of the Americas, achieving pole position, fastest lap, and victory. A whole host of records that culminated in him being crowned at the World Championship that same year. He kicked off 2014 by winning the season’s first 10 races and also winning the championship. Year after year, Marc has broken records and established himself as one of the most successful riders in history, thanks to a remarkable connection with the Honda RC213V.

  • Number: 93
  • World Championships: 6
  • Victories: 56
  • Podiums: 95
  • Fastest laps: 57
  • Polepositions: 62
  • Races: 128

Jorge Lorenzo 2019

Jorge Lorenzo came to the team in 2019 as Marc’s teammate. He couldn’t connect with the Honda bike, but his relentless effort showed that despite poor results, he wasn’t just any rider, but a World Champion.

  • Number: 99
  • Races: 15

Stefan Bradl 2019-2021

Stefan Bradl has been a Honda test rider for years and competed in several races in 2019 while Jorge Lorenzo recovered from injury. In 2020, he stepped in for Marc Márquez after his accident at the Spanish GP. He’s still riding in 2021, waiting for Marc’s return.

  • Number: 6
  • Races: 14

Álex Márquez 2020

Marc’s brother, Álex, joined the team in 2020 after winning the Moto2 World Championship and got to know the Honda even better, taking two podium finishes.

  • Number: 73
  • Podiums: 2
  • Races: 14

Pol Espargaró 2021

Pol Espargaró 2021 The latest rider to wear the Repsol Honda team colours is Pol Espargaró. Moto2 World Champion in 2013, Pol competed in his first MotoGP season in 2014, and this year he has joined the Repsol Honda team with the intention of adding to the team’s legacy.

  • Number: 44
  • Races: 2

Now that you know them all Which rider would you like to see join the Repsol Honda team?

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