Discover the 2021 MotoGP calendar

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After a strange season in 2020, Box Repsol presents the 2021 MotoGP calendar Are you ready to get back to the competition?

Marc Márquez ready for the 2021 MotoGP calendar
Discover the 2021 MotoGP calendar

Although it is an estimate, waiting for the COVID-19 situation to be normalised, the 2021 MotoGP calendar will have 19 events.

As in previous years, the Motorcycling World Championship will begin in Qatar, with two GPs in a row.

After these, the European stage will begin, with the GP in Portugal first and Spain second, then on to France, Italy, Catalonia, Germany, and Holland.

After the break, the Motorcycling World Championship will return to the tracks with the double GP in Austria, followed by Great Britain, Aragón, and San Marino.

Once the European tour is over and after its absence in 2020, the MotoGP riders will return to Austin. After it will be the turn of Thailand, Australia, and Malaysia right before returning to Spain to finish the World Championship in the classic event in Valencia.


We are waiting for you this year to enjoy the MotoGP races.

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