Bou on the verge of 16th Trial GP title

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The Repsol Honda Team rider wins in Cahors, France. Gabriel Marcelli places fourth.

Bou on the verge of 16th Trial GP title

La quinta ronda del Campeonato del Mundo de Trial GP celebrada hoy en Francia, ha visto como su actual Campeón, Toni Bou, volvía a ganar en un trazado exigente. El piloto del equipo Repsol Honda ha sumado un total de 12 puntos, 13 menos que el segundo clasificado.

Bou ha realizado una gran primera vuelta, marcando la diferencia sobre sus rivales en las dos zonas que el resto no ha sido capaz de superar. El quince veces Campeón del Mundo ha confirmado en la segunda pasada al recorrido que es el que más en forma está de todos, para acabar subiendo al escalón más alto del podio. Esta gran victoria deja a Bou a las puertas de celebrar su 16º título en la primera jornada del Trial de Italia, el 17 de septiembre.

Gabriel Marcelli también ha concluido una gran actuación en Cahors. El joven piloto del equipo Repsol Honda se ha quedado a tan sólo un punto de subir al podio. Con un total de 28 puntos, el gallego ha quedado cuarto y sigue consolidando su progreso ascendente desde que inició la temporada.

La próxima cita será en Ponte di Legno, Italia, los días 17 y 18 de septiembre.

Rider Statements

Toni Bou

“We did very well today. I had a good feeling on the bike and you could see that during the race. There were few errors, but there was the possibility of easily making mistakes, so it was necessary to be careful on the most difficult zones. The only serious mistake I made was in the tricky Zone 3. In general, we had a very complete race, conceding only 12 points. I am very happy and these are very important points for the title chase. In Italy we will have to ride a normal race, taking care of the physical side and the bike. We will be going for another title, after a very good year in which we have been very consistent in all the championships.”

Gabriel Marcelli

“As the season progresses, our feeling is improving. That’s very positive. It’s always better to finish the season at a high level than to not start it well and end it very badly, so in that sense we are happy. The race went quite well today: I made a few mistakes, but they were costly as they ended up hindering us at the end. Whilst we could have challenged for a second or third place, we ended up being fourth. Despite this, the points are important for the championship. However, being so close to a podium, it feels bad to come away with a fourth place.”.

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