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Honda’s novelties at the Milan Motor Show

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After not holding the 2020 edition due to the pandemic, this year the Milan exhibition centre has once again opened its doors to the world of motorbikes and Honda has taken the opportunity to present the most important new products it has prepared for 2022.

Honda’s novelties at the Milan Motor Show

The Milan Motorcycle Show, also known as EICMA, is the largest motorbike trade fair in Europe. This year it has been held with the idea of making up for lost time and for both the brands and the professionals in the sector to get back on the pulse of this type of major events. Although it has not yet regained the glory and the number of visitors of pre-pandemic editions, Honda’s deployment of resources at the Milan fair was noteworthy. At its stand it has shown its extensive range of models, among which the new products that will be arriving soon have shined with their own light.

Honda CBR1000RR-R SP Fireblade 30th Anniversary, a superbike for daydreaming

Honda has taken advantage of the Milan Motor Show to properly celebrate the Fireblade’s 30th anniversary and present a commemorative motorcycle to the world. The brand’s supersport motorcycle has not stopped evolving since it arrived in 1992 and is currently marketed under the nomenclature CBR1000RR-R Fireblade and produced in “normal” and “SP” versions. As you can guess, the CBR1000RR-R SP is better equipped and in 2022 will arrive in a limited series with a three-color decoration inspired by the first CBR900RR Fireblade of 1992. At the same time Honda has taken the opportunity to make some updates to make it even more exclusive. Thus, the engine has improved acceleration and traction when exiting corners, the intake and exhaust systems have been revised, and a shorter secondary development has been mounted, with three more teeth in the crown, in search of greater acceleration. The electronic throttle and traction control have also been upgraded.

As before, the revamped CBR1000RR-R SP is powered by a 1000 cc in-line four-cylinder engine with a maximum power output of 218 hp at 14,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 112 Nm at 12,500 rpm. In addition, the “SP” version differs from the “normal” version in that it is fitted with Öhlins Smart Electronic Control (SE-C) semi-active electronic suspension, Brembo Stylema brake calipers and 330 mm front discs, together with a shift assistant that works in both directions.

Likewise, the aluminum double-beam chassis and the robust double wishbone swingarm remain unchanged. The Fireblade SP is a very compact superbike that claims a kerb weight of only 201 kg. The aerodynamics of the fairing is another highlight, including spoilers similar to those used in MotoGP. Of course, it has state-of-the-art electronics, with three riding modes and five levels of power delivery, as well as engine braking and anti-whiplash control, with three levels each. There is also a sophisticated traction control with nine levels of intervention, which can also be switched off. The 5″ TFT instrumentation display and proximity key are other noteworthy aspects of this impressive superbike.

Honda ADV350, a scooter with off-road possibilities

Another very important novelty that Honda has presented at the EICMA is the ADV350, a scooter inspired by the 745 cc X-ADV, but designed around the Smart Power+ (eSP+) single-cylinder similar to that used by the Forza 350 and SH350i. With a displacement of 330 cc, it delivers a maximum power of 28 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 31.5 Nm, which makes the new “ADVenture” a very suitable scooter for use both in the city and outside it, as well as allowing excursions on dirt tracks. Its equipment includes an unprecedented traction control with two levels of performance and disconnectable, plus a large tank of 11.7 liters which results in a range of 340 km.

Its tubular steel chassis is supported by an inverted fork with 37 mm diameter bars and a travel of 125 mm, and a pair of shock absorbers that allow a travel of 130 mm to the rear axle. The alloy wheels are 15″ at the front and 14″ at the rear, and mount quite marked knobby tires, a demonstration of the possibilities of this model in the field. As for brakes, it combines a 256 mm front disc with a 240 mm rear disc.

In addition to a front optical group with two LED headlights, the ADV350 has a front screen adjustable in height over a range of 133 mm. Under the seat, a large 48-liter compartment can hold up to two full-face helmets and can be divided by a separator plate. It is complemented by a glove box behind the front shield equipped with a USB socket.

Other interesting details are the complete instrumentation with voice connectivity system “Honda Smartphone Voice Control” and the proximity key “Smart Key”, which in addition to acting on the main contact, can open the seat and the optional trunk of 50 liters. The seat height reaches 795 mm, with 145 mm of free height and a weight of 186 kg of the set in running order. In addition, it includes an emergency braking signal, which flashes the turn signals in the event of a more forceful braking than what can be considered as normal.

Honda X-ADV, now with better standard equipment

The X-ADV received a major overhaul last year and among its options offered a very complete electronics package. For 2022 Honda has decided to incorporate it as standard equipment. Therefore, in addition to new decorations, the X-ADV now has an electronic throttle, four preset driving modes (Standard, Sport, Gravel and Rain) and a configurable User mode. It also incorporates traction control adjustable in three positions, USB socket in the under-seat well, daytime running lights and Honda Smartphone Voice Control connectivity system.

Honda NT 1100, a comfortable and effective commuter

Although it had been presented a few weeks earlier, Honda has taken advantage of the Milan Motor Show to show the public the new NT1100, by now the most important novelty of the firm with a view to 2022, which shares engine and chassis with the CRF1100L Africa Twin. The rest of the components of the “New Touring” are its very own, such as the low seat height, the shorter suspension travel, the 17″ alloy wheels and the high protection provided to its users thanks to a large front with adjustable screen and upper and lower deflectors. The front braking system, with two 310 mm discs and 4-piston radial calipers, is another demonstration of its premium character.


Like the Africa Twin, its 1084 cc parallel twin-cylinder engine produces 102 hp at 7500 rpm and 104 Nm at 6250 rpm. It also offers a choice between a conventional gearbox or a dual-clutch electrohydraulically operated transmission system (DCT). In running order it declares 238 kg for the former and 248 kg for the latter.

Honda CB500 family, three models based on the same foundation

Although it was presented at the end of the summer, the renewed CB500 family has received a privileged place on the Honda stand in Milan as new models. The fourth generation of the CB500 saga arrives better prepared and with a more striking appearance. The most important changes are located in the front end, where the conventional telescopic fork has been replaced by a more robust and apparent inverted. It is a Showa SFF-BP with 41 mm bars similar to those used on the CB650R and CBR650R. The previous brake system has also been strengthened by including two discs instead of just one. Both are 296 mm and are bitten by four-piston radial calipers, except on the CB500X that are of conventional anchor. On the other hand, the rear axle has a new, lighter swingarm that provides greater torsional rigidity. Another new feature is the lighter 17″ alloy wheels that have been incorporated on the CB500F and CBR500R. For its part, the CB500X is distinguished by the 19″ diameter front, by the longer travel of the fork and by the new specific spring incorporated to the mono-shock.

Another improvement that affects the three versions are the new adjustments that has received the electronic injection system to improve engine response and feel when turning the throttle twist grip. Otherwise, the 471 cc inline twin-cylinder announces no further changes, maintaining the 35 kW of maximum power to perfectly suit the A2 license.


Honda Hornet, return confirmed

Honda has taken advantage of the Milan Motor Show to confirm the return of the Hornet to its catalogs. After succeeding in Japan and arriving in Europe in 1998, the various Hornet have always shone with exciting performance and agility beyond any doubt, in addition to a very avant-garde streetfighter style. The new Hornet has not yet been revealed, and there is no information on when it will reach the market, but visitors who attended the EICMA have been able to enjoy a 3D projection that previews what will be the outlines of the new Honda model that will arrive soon.

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