Winter rest: The season’s first key moment

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Even though the 2016 World Championship is still months away, in many ways it’s now during winter when the first few steps are taken to begin getting ready. During this time, the key for riders is to combine rest with physical activity.

Winter rest: The season’s first key moment

Did you know that @26_DaniPedrosa likes to go cross-country skiing in winter? #RepsolTeam


Our MotoGP riders, Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa, have already faced the last test sessions of 2015 in Valencia and Jerez which are in turn the first ones of the 2016 season. After both sessions, there’s downtime to disconnect which is a truly important phase for any rider.

You could say that during this time the riders are looking to relieve all the tension they’ve built up throughout the World Championship season. To do so, they engage in physical activities that allow them to relax by letting their minds rest. For example, in Pedrosa’s case, everyone knows how much he loves bikes, even though he can’t cycle as often during the winter.

He also takes advantage of the wintertime to go cross-country skiing, one of his favourite activities. On the other hand, Marc Márquez will once again this year take the opportunity in December to go to the Superprestigio in Barcelona and practice one of the kinds of racing he likes most: dirt track racing. Also, he and his brother Álex are fans of ski mountaineering, also known as “skimo”.


Progressive rest

In an exclusive interview for Box Repsol, Marc Márquez explains that in general, “December is a month to rest.” A rider’s body needs to recover from all the built up stress. But as Marc emphasises, rest should be progressive and in no case should anyone completely stop exercising at once.

Marc and Dani talk about family and friends as two of the basic pillars to “unwind” this season. After all, MotoGP riders spend a lot of time away from home during the World Championship. That’s why going home and seeing their friends and loved ones once again is something they especially appreciate.

January is a very important month for #MotoGP riders to arrive at the Sepang test in good shape.


Looking towards Sepang

As the weeks go by, the winter “break” seems eternal for any MotoGP fan until it’s finally time for the Qatar GP, the first of the season. However, this doesn’t mean that the riders are resting or that their break lasts the entire three months.

In fact, with the arrival of the Christmas season they are very aware that there is only one month left until the Sepang test session, which is scheduled for February.

That is why it’s important to keep a certain level of fitness during December and, most importantly, not overindulge during the holidays as they will start physical training at the end of the year. Using January correctly is key to arriving at the Malaysia training sessions fit enough. The work done there will be fundamental to achieve the best results during the season.

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