“Pol Espargaró has been able to return to his true level”

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Alberto Puig explains his conclusions after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the twelfth race of the season

“Pol Espargaró has been able to return to his true level”

Is Silverstone the starting point to see Espargaró’s true potential?

“This weekend has been a very important turning point for Pol Espargaró. I think he has made a massive step compared to what he has been doing so far throughout 2021. I think that the way he approached the race was very good and he was able to show his potential, his real potential. Pol is a rider who can be in these positions, so we hope from now on he can continue in this way and keep making progress. We are very happy for him inside the team and HRC, it has been difficult for him, and he deserved this good result. He was fantastic during qualifying to take pole position and although he was of course aiming for the podium in the race, he has been able to make an important step and return to his old form.”

Marc Márquez showed his level in Austria and was also going well throughout this British GP weekend…

“Yes, we have seen Márquez stronger in these recent rounds. Unfortunately, Marc misjudged the overtake with Martin, it was not his intention, but they made contact during the opening lap and fell as a result. We feel sorry for Martin and for his team. This is racing, these things can happen during the first lap when all the riders are together. It’s a shame because Marc could have fought for the podium, maybe not victory, but of course for the podium.”

Positive points and negative points after race?

“The positive is that Pol Espargaró has been able to return to his true level, he has shown the reason that we asked him to join HRC. The negative is Márquez’s crash.”

The view from pit wall during race?

“It was sad to see Marc crash during the first lap but on the other side it was thrilling to see Pol’s race. He tried to stay in front in the opening laps and then rode well to defend from his rivals and survive until the end of the Grand Prix.”

What was Pol’s strategy?

“His goal was to put a good race together and build himself up, we were not looking for the podium. When you start the race from pole position, normally your aim should be the podium, but this was not the case. Anyway, it’s true that Pol had a big drop with his rear tyre, maybe our decision with the soft one was not correct. Above all, the important thing is his return to being fast and having a good weekend from Friday to Sunday.”

Next stop Aragón, usually a good circuit for the Honda RC213V…

“We are happy to return to Aragón again. It is a difficult track but Aragón suits Márquez a lot and also Honda has achieved good and consistent results there in the past. But of course, in 2021 we arrive in a unique situation as Marc is not 100% fit – however, we know that he will still try to his maximum potential. It will be interesting for Espargaro to confirm his progress.”

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