MotoGP: when the stars are in the stands

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The MotoGP World Championship is one of the most important championships in sport today. This is why many celebrities take the chance to get involved as fans and even visit the Repsol Honda Team pit box.

MotoGP: when the stars are in the stands

Andrés Iniesta and Pau Gasol, wanted to come by just to say hello to Marc and Dani #Repsolteam


The Motorcycling World Championship is one of the great attractions of the world sports scene, so it is of course one of the highlights of the year for any motorsports fan.

Sometimes, there are pleasant and famous surprises among these fans. Experiencing a Grand Prix live or visiting the pit box of a team with the history and record of Repsol Honda is an exciting opportunity for anyone. It’s also exciting for stars from other sports or other worlds entirely separate from motorsports, like cinema, for example.

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Footballers, riders, actors…

This year, two great champions, Andrés Iniesta and Pau Gasol, wanted to come by just to say hello to Marc and Dani. They left football and basketball aside for a moment to dress up like a MotoGP fan.

The paddock also received a visit this year from an actor who’s a big fan of motorbikes: Keanu Reeves. The Matrix actor didn’t want to miss the opportunity to come by the Repsol pit box and meet Marc Márquez in person to whom he expressed his sincere admiration.

If we look at other seasons, the list grows: Mireia Belmonte, Fernando Alonso, Raúl González, Xavi Hernández, Mark Webber, Paco Alcácer; some of the famous names who have shown their excitement for sharing a few minutes with our riders and seeing up close the world that they’re almost as passionate about as us: the MotoGP World Championship!

Special occasions

One of the fans who has most shown his passion for the Repsol Team, in this case from across the Atlantic, is the actor Hugh Laurie. Well known for bringing Dr. House to life in the celebrated TV series, this British entertainer managed to convince the show runners to let him appear in certain episodes with his own bike; none other than the Honda CBR painted with the Repsol colours!

If we go back a few more years, we find one of those moments that are particularly thrilling for sports fans. In the United States GP, one of the most important sportsmen in history took the chance to come by the pit and meet Nicky Hayden, a Repsol rider at the time. Who are we referring to? We

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