Márquez opens racing leathers exhibition in Madrid’s El Corte Inglés

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Eight-time MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez hosted the display of leathers from Repsol’s 50 years in motor sports.

Marc Márquez haciendo el saludo en V en exposición de monos de competición.
Márquez opens racing leathers exhibition in Madrid’s El Corte Inglés

Repsol took its celebration of 50 years in motorsport competition to the streets again this week, this time to the Spanish capital of Madrid. An exhibition of different competition clothing will be displayed in the window of department store El Corte Inglés for the next week, and it was MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez who inaugurated a collection that includes leathers worn by the likes of Ángel Nieto and Carlos Sainz.

A few months ago, Barcelona saw a show of cars and motorcycles from the last five decades of Repsol’s involvement in competition, and now it is Madrid’s turn to host an exhibition. Ten sets of leathers from various disciplines will take centre stage: Motorcycle World Championship (Marc Márquez, Dani Pedrosa, Álex Crivillé and Ángel Nieto), Formula 1 (Pedro Martínez de la Rosa), the World Rally Championship (Carlos Sainz ), the Trial World Championship (Toni Bou and Laia Sanz), the Dakar Rally (Nani Roma) and aviation sports (Juan Velarde).

In the coming months, the exhibition will travel through different El Corte Inglés stores in Spain, stopping in cities such as Valencia, Malaga and Barcelona.

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