Marc Márquez celebrates seventh world title with fans

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Thousands line the streets of the Spaniard’s hometown, Cervera, to celebrate his fifth MotoGP World Championship.

Marc Márquez cubierto de confeti rojo y rodeado de fans con banderas
Marc Márquez celebrates seventh world title with fans

As has become an almost annual occurence, the Spanish town of Cervera commemorated a MotoGP World Championship victory for its favourite son this weekend. With only the Valencia GP remaining in the 2018 season, Marc Márquez was the star of an early celebration with thousands of fans around the town.

After a press conference at the University of Cervera, the Repsol Honda rider was taken along the streets in a massive parade, accompanied by his closest relatives and his team.

The parade concluded at a specially erected stage, from which Márquez addressed the fans over the loudspeakers. Grateful for all the support and affection received, the Spaniard led the celebrations of his brilliant season.

Fans de Marc Márquez con banderas del 93
Fans de Marc Márquez con banderas del 93

Marc Márquez – Statements

We’ve won seven World Championships and, although it seems like a lot, we’ve won them in a very short amount of time. I’m living a dream, so we have to enjoy it while it lasts. This title is special, but for me so is every title, because I enjoy them as if each were the first. Winning is the fuel that I need; It allows me to improve and continue to evolve.

Undoubtedly, the most special thing is being able to celebrate with my team and the fans like we’ve done today. That’s really important, because when we win, we all win –and when we lose, the same people who today have come out in Cervera are there as well. Seeing my fans, experiencing what we have today and the great atmosphere that was present throughout the celebration is the most important thing.

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