Marc Márquez shares with us the secrets of his home town, Cervera

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As many of you know, Marc Márquez has a deep love for the area where he grew up, especially his home town. A good number of his posts on social media show him training, walking, or just scenes from daily life, and all of them have spectacular backdrops. Where is Marc from? He’s from a beautiful town in Lleida called Cervera. Marc has offered us an insider’s look at the secrets of his home town: bars, cycling routes, the sights of the old town…we hope you enjoy!

Marc márquez mirando el paisaje subido a un murete
Marc Márquez shares with us the secrets of his home town, Cervera

When you get to Cervera, I hope you feel as I good as I do when I arrive after a Grand Prix. Being at home is always a good feeling.

Hermanos Márquez juegan a la caja misteriosa

Hermanos Márquez juegan a la caja misteriosa

Hermanos Márquez juegan a la caja misteriosa

Hello to my friends at Box Repsol! Today I want to talk to you about my home town, Cervera. It’s located close to Lleida and I know some of you have heard of it because I mention it every once in a while. It has a special place in my heart, and if you’ll come along with me you’ll see that there’s a lot to love about it. You might even want to come visit.

The place you come from is always special, but in my case Cervera gave me two things I truly value: one, a sense of tranquillity, the ability to disconnect, etc., and two, it’s an ideal place for doing sport (bike riding, running, etc.) and nearly all types of motorcycling because it has a lot of circuits relatively nearby.

Furthermore, in Cervera and in the whole Lleida area there’s a motorcycling atmosphere, which is what introduced my family, including me, to the world of motorcycling. That’s why it’s an ideal place for me to keep my feet on the ground, not changing my lifestyle or my way of training, which helped me get where I am today.

One advantage of living in a small town is that everybody knows each other, so even young children can play in the street or the park without anyone having to look after them too much. I remember when I was little I would go to the promenade in front of my school and spend the afternoons there, with my brother and my friends, playing all sorts of games or riding our bicycles.

alex marquez señala un coche conduciendo en tierra

Cervera is not very big, and there’s a good few bars dispersed throughout where you can have a good time. If you want a good motorcycling atmosphere along with some tapas, one good option is “Nobadis” (formerly Bona Teca), which is where members of the Official Fan Club Marc Márquez 93 get together to see the races on Sundays. If you stop by, you’ll see that in all small towns, people are welcoming, friendly, and care about everyone else. A lot of people say hi to me, others ask me about the World Championship, or about my last race…and some ask me for photos. People are very affectionate but also they’re also respectful, which I’m thankful for.

It’s also a great place to train. A while ago, we were talking with the town hall representatives and we told them about a cycling route that I often ride with Álex so that anyone who wants to can do it, too. It’s a circular route that covers about 24 km, so you can do it in one morning. There’s also a shorter, 10 km route if you prefer something less taxing. I’ll share the links here, and maybe we’ll cross paths one of these days!

Marc y Álex Márquez en el monte con una bicicleta

There are a lot of things you’ve got to do when you visit Cervera: walk around the wall from the Middle Ages, visit the Church of Santa María and its bell tower, or the university building…these are some the things you just can’t miss.

Then we’ve got “L’Aquelarre”, a traditional festival in Cervera that we celebrate during the last weekend of August. One part of the festival features theatrical performances and fireworks, and then there’s also music and concerts. The World Championship often keeps me from attending the festival because it usually coincides with the British GP (like this year), but last year I was able to go with close friends I’ve had since childhood and we had a great time. It’s amazing, I recommend it to everyone.

Of course if you like motorbikes, I definitely encourage you to see the exhibit that’s in the museum. You can get a close-up look at the bikes I’ve had throughout my sporting career, including the three MotoGP bikes I’ve won the world championships with.

Marc Márquez en su museo del piloto junto a sus motos

If I’ve convinced you to visit Cervera, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. It’s often foggy in the winter, so it’s best to go when it’s not too cold. Two good times to go are during Holy Week, to see “La passió de Cervera”, or at the end of August, when we celebrate L’Aquelarre.

When you get to Cervera, I hope you feel as I good as I do when I arrive after a Grand Prix. Being at home is always a good feeling. Even though we’re used to travelling a lot and having our little motor home inside the paddock, there’s no place like home, and mine’s in Cervera.

Best wishes,
Marc Márquez.

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