Where does Marc Márquez keep his treasures?

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Marc Márquez made history when he won the MotoGP World Championship with Repsol Honda when he was only 20 years, 8 months and 24 days old.

Marc Márquez besando un trofeo en el podio
Where does Marc Márquez keep his treasures?

This adventure started when, at the age of 4, he received his first motorbike for Christmas (a Yamaha Piwi), and he reached the top when he was named youngest World Champion in history in 2013.

·@marcmarquez93 This adventure started when at the age of 4, he received his first motorbike for Christmas

After 19 years of sacrifice and hard work he has reached the top by winning the MotoGP World Championship with the Repsol Honda Team. During these years Marc Márquez beat categories and rivals and won competitions in different categories until he reached the elite level; miles and miles of triumphs and memories that you can now find at the museum located in his hometown, Cervera (Lleida).

The Repsol rider’s museum is located in Cevera’s the city centre, within the Lleida Museum, and just a few meters away from the Marc Márquez Fan Club. On display at the rider’s museum —an exhibition area made up of large rooms— are numerous materials covering the Repsol rider’s career since the beginning of his adventure in motorcycling, when he was just 4 years old.

The most precious exhibits of the museum are the two motorbikes that helped him win the MotoGP World Championship: the 2013 MotoGP Honda RC213V and the 2014 MotoGP Honda RC213V. Furthermore, the museum project is based on a design made up of images and press documents on the rider’s sporting life. It is an authentic treasure for motorcycle lovers.

Trophies and bikes

Everyone who visits the Cervera museum will find an endless amount of trophies, helmets, jumpsuits, photographs, memories, and medals but what will really attract visitors’ attention is the bike collection that represents his career in Repsol Honda since the start.

It is possible to see the first bike riden by Marc —a Yamaha Piwi— which he received for Christmas, as well as many other bikes such as the 50cc 356 Conti Copa RX, the Honda CR85, the 125cc Honda RS, the 125cc KTM 2008, the Derbi RSA, with which he won the 125cc World Championship, the Suter, Moto2 World Sub Champion, and, of course, the 2013 MotoGP Honda RC213V and the 2014 MotoGP Honda RC213V, with which he won the World Championship in the highest category.

You will also find peculiar objects, such as cups and medals won by Marc at the start of his career in motocross and enduro. Also on display, are the helmets he used when he won the 4 World Championships, as well as the commemorative t-shirts with the number 93 on them of the World Championships he won.

The most precious objects

The oldest trophies kept in the Marc Márquez museum are the ones he won in the 125cc category, such as the trophy that marks his first time on a World Championship podium, or when he reached third place at the British Gran Prix in June, 2008. However, the most precious ones for Márquez are the medals and the helmets that prove he was World Champion in all the categories: Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP.

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