How Dani Pedrosa’s helmets are made

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The manufacturing process of a helmet is a highly complex task. Our two MotoGP riders, Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa put their trust in Shoei and Arai respectively to get the job done. We begin a series of two reports in which we talk to both brands to really find out how a World Championship rider’s helmet is created, starting with Arai.

Dani Pedrosa in action
How Dani Pedrosa’s helmets are made

Did you know that #MotoGP helmets are customised for each rider?


How are MotoGP helmets made?

There is no difference between the manufacturing process of Arai helmets for customers and the process used for MotoGP riders. All our helmets meet  the same standards. We do not distinguish between the riders and our customers as they all need the best possible protection. In general, Arai offers helmets that meet the ECE 22-05 and SNELL standards both for MotoGP and regular riders alike.

Do you take into account the size and shape of the rider’s head?

Most riders are supplied with standard size helmets, but there are some whose head shape is slightly different from the norm. When this happens, Arai provides a special assistance service: the MotoGP Racing Service that has decades of experience adapting and customising riders’ helmets. The size and shape of the rider’s head is carefully measured and this information is recorded for each rider. Basically, these modifications are done by adjusting the helmet lining.

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Do the riders tend to make specific or demanding requests?

Some riders do. If they sweat more than normal, for example, sometimes we adjust the materials and structure of the lining to better meet their needs.

What feedback do you get from Dani when he tries out a new helmet?

Dani’s greatest concern is comfort and his line of sight, judging by his most recent instructions. Like him, other riders also give us feedback about our products, and this sometimes helps us to inspect them and improve on them.

Did you know that Arai keeps a reserve of helmets ready to be sent to each GP if needed? #MotoGP



How many helmets do you bring to the Grand Prix?

Each rider supported by Arai Racing Service takes with them at least four customised helmets with their individual design. We also have a reserve of helmets at our factory that can be sent immediately.

How many helmets are manufactured for Dani in a season?

The rider receives at least six helmets.

How have the competition helmets improved and changed over the last few decades?

Our high-range models have got better and better over the years. The last RX-7V, for example, has a variable-axis visor system that makes the shell even bigger, smoother, and stronger. We’ve improved various aspects of the helmet: better ventilation, an improved fit, and increased comfort.

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