Double win for the Repsol Team in Sachsenring

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It was an exciting MotoGP race as the Repsol Team took a well-deserved double win at the German GP. Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa came in first and second place after both showed off their riding skills. Valentino Rossi rounded out the podium in third place.

The Repsol Honda Team in the Box
Double win for the Repsol Team in Sachsenring

Sixth consecutive win for @marcmarquez93 at the circuit in #Sachsenring


Marc Márquez stepped onto the highest spot on the podium of the German GP and claimed his sixth consecutive win at this circuit. He dominated all the trials throughout the weekend. He had the best time in all of the free practice sessions and beat the circuit’s record to claim pole position. He was the best in the warm up and claimed victory as he was the best in all the sectors.

The Repsol Team rider had a good start, but Jorge Lorenzo overtook him as he was quite aggressive from the beginning. The Yamaha rider’s moment to shine was short-lived. After five laps from the start, Márquez got him back by overtaking him and got as fas away as possible from the rest of his rivals.

No rider was able to keep up with Marc’s pace who was unrivaled upon claiming victory and once again made a grand slam in Sachsenring.

An almost perfect GP

Dani Pedrosa also stepped onto the podium after finishing in second place at the German GP. The Repsol Team rider showed off that he’s in incredible shape and was the only one that could keep up with Márquez’s pace.

After Jorge Lorenzo got in his way at the start, he was knocked down to fourth place. However, Pedrosa’s pace was superior and halfway through the race began to improve his times and got ahead of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. Jorge significantly lost pace during the final moments of the race meanwhile Valentino never let up.

Finally, the Repsol Team took a double win. This is the first time it has happened since a year ago which took place at the same circuit with the same riders involved. The performance improvement of the Honda RC213V is significant. Without a doubt, both riders are getting closer in points to the World Championship rider in the lead halfway through a season that could potentially bare the Repsol Team’s orange color. After the World Championship’s summer break, it will be back on August 9th.

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