Changes to the rules after the 2017 Qatar GP

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Once again this year, the starting gun was fired for the World Championship, but the FIM has enacted a number of last-minute changes to the rules.

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Changes to the rules after the 2017 Qatar GP

The point penalty system has been discarded in MotoGP


Material prohibition in Moto3 and Moto2

The ban on the use of titanium has been extended to all parts of the frame, handlebars, forks, and wheel spindles. For wheel spindles, light alloys are also prohibited.

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Safety in the pit lane

The announcement of the new rules also specified that the maximum number of people in the pit lane during the Q1 and Q2 sessions would be limited to four. After the changes, that number was expanded to six provided that safety guidelines are followed including the use of crash helmets, which is now compulsory.

In flag-to-flag races, the limit on people in the pit lane is kept to four as laid out in this season’s rules.

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Point penalties

The point penalty system has been discarded as the FIM believes it has better methods to administer sanctions. In addition, the rules make official that no appeals may be lodged for the sanctions if the appeals stewards confirm the track stewards’ decision on the matter.

If you would like to learn more about the changes to the 2017 rules, you can read more in this report.

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