Canet and López end Aragon GP emptyhanded

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Arón Canet retires due to pain in his left arm, after being hit by another rider and losing many positions. Alonso Lopez, suffers rear tyre problems and places twentieth.

Contrapicado de alonso lopez sobre moto3
Canet and López end Aragon GP emptyhanded

Arón Canet took the start from the front row after sanctions for other riders.

Contact with another rider dropped him out of the leading group and the pain in his left arm led him to retire from the contest before the end.

With a lack of grip in his rear tyre after just a few laps, Alonso Lopez lost ground and was only able to place twentieth

Jeremy Alcoba, a wildcard at this Grand Prix, finished twenty-third.

Arón Canet

I didn’t start very well and I lost a position, but I tried to come back and I managed to place third on the first lap. On the straight I wanted to overtake the rider in front, but couldn’t. I tried to push as much as possible, until another rider hit me from behind. From the impact I started having a lot of pain in my shoulder and I lost many positions. I could not brake hard, or ride comfortably, so I decided to stop instead of doing more damage just to get a point.

Alonso López

The objective was to finish the race and gain experience. At the beginning I thought I had a chance for more, since I had a good feeling. I thought I could be a little further ahead, but I suffered a bit with the tyre and also on the straight it was a bit difficult to pass under braking. I’m happy because I think we’ve done a good job all weekend and we know we can still improve much more. I’m eager to contest more races in the World Championship and to learn much more, to apply in the FIM CEV Repsol.

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