Bastianini third in intense group race

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Arón Canet finishes fifth, after being one of the protagonists in the podium battle during the race.

Bastianini third in intense group race

It was a very nice race from the beginning


Enea Bastianini

The race started with Enea Bastianini leading on the opening laps, with teammate Arón Canet third.

Bastianini achieved his second podium of the season -his seventeenth in Moto3.

Canet finishes fifth but maintains third position in the overall standings. The Repsol rider cuts 5 points from the gap to second-placed Romano Fenati.

Enea Bastianini

It was a very nice race from the beginning, and very hard fought. We rode in a group with some quite strong riders, so it was important to stay in the top positions so as not to take any unneccesary risks. On the last lap I was third and our goal was to fight for the victory, but I didn’t expect a finale to the race like we had.

Arón Canet

It was a chaotic race, run at a very high pace, but I managed to be well positioned throughout. I felt very good, braking hard and late, and in control from start to finish. In the end we made a small mistake between Jorge Martin and I, because we exchanged passes and that has made us lose contact with the front group. We were missing a bit of top speed on the back straight, but I’m sure we will continue to improve in Japan.

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