Arón Canet secures third place in the World Championship

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The Repsol rider finishes ninth in today’s race, which allows him to end the season in the top three. Bastianini closes the year with a fifth place result.

Arón Canet secures third place in the World Championship

I am very happy to have secured third place in the World Championship


Arón Canet

Arón Canet opted for a conservative strategy to secure third overall in the World Championship.

Seeing his rival in the battle for third -Jorge Martin- escaping to lead the race, the Repsol rider remained in the group, avoiding risks.

With his result today, Bastianini secures sixth in the World Championship.

Enea Bastianini

I am very happy with the way the race went. At first I tried to join the group with the frontrunners, although I saw it would not be easy. It was a shame, because I tried and I wore out my tyres a lot in the process, so at the end I was quite close to the limit. Overall, I’m very satisfied to have finished with the front group and to have been fighting for the podium again. I want to dedicate the three podiums that we have achieved this season to the team, although I would have liked to have taken another one here. I am very grateful to everyone; they have made me grow a lot, they have taught me to work harder and to always be focused.

Arón Canet

I am very happy to have secured third place in the World Championship, which was our main objective today. I don’t know if I could have fought for the victory, because there was an incident in which a rider crashed, the group was cut, and then Jorge Martín escaped. When I saw it, I decided to take things calmly, because I knew that in a group there is always the possibility that another rider can take you out. I rode comfortably, with a good pace, to try to fight for second position, but I decided to avoid taking risks and clinch third position in the World Championship, which is very tough to do. I am very happy and tonight I will be able to go to my first gala to enjoy it.

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