Arón Canet finishes fifth in Germany

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Teammate, Alonso López, suffers a crash while fighting for the points and dislocates his right shoulder.

Arón Canet frenando en pista
Arón Canet finishes fifth in Germany

The most positive thing is that when I was alone I was able to ride very fast


Arón Canet

Arón Canet started from fifth on the grid and finally finished in the same position.

Canet adds 11 points to his tally and goes from fifth to third position in the overall standings, 38 points off the leader.

Alonso López, who started from twentieth position, quickly moved up positions to get into the points. An incident with another rider on Lap 23 of 27 prevented the Spaniard from finishing the race.

Arón Canet

We finished fifth, but it’s not the position we had hoped for, because we had a lot more pace than what we were able maintain in the race. There were a lot of riders who blocked me on the twisty parts of the track, because they overtook me on the straights and I then couldn’t take advantage of my superior corner speed. I have also had several touches during the race and ended up quite far back, because many riders overtook me on the straight. I had to pass people on very difficult corners, because under braking I could barely recover the ground that I had lost. The most positive thing is that when I was alone I was able to ride very fast and set the fastest lap, with a pace that would have allowed me to escape with Jorge Martín and fight for the victory.

Alonso López

It was a shame that with the crash  the great work we had done this weekend at an unknown circuit went to wast. In the race I started better than I expected and I managed to gain positions, but it was very difficult to keep them, because we were overtaking each other everywhere. In the end I made contact with another rider and in the fall I dislocated my right shoulder, also hitting my left ankle hard. I hope to recover soon and try to the fullest again at Brno.

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