2020 MotoGP pre-season

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For yet another year, the Repsol Honda Team is preparing to take on the new season full of enthusiasm and raring to get started. Marc has the challenge yet again of retaining his World Champion title, while Alex needs to focus on mastering his Honda motorcycle.

Marc Márquez rodando en la pretemporada
2020 MotoGP pre-season

04/02/2020 Reposl Honda Team Presentation

This year it will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is one of Honda’s strategic markets and a country with a great love for our team. On this special day, we will get dressed up to get out first look not only at the motorcycle for 2020, but also at Alex sporting the Repsol Honda colours for the first time.

07/02/2020 Sepang Test

As is tradition, Sepang is a must for the pre-season. Extreme weather, hard braking, and the layout of the circuit make it the ideal test for motorcycles and riders alike. The diversity of the Malaysian GP’s stage offers all teams valuable information.

22/02/2020 Qatar Test

The pre-season ends exactly where the World Championship is going to start: Losail. The Qatar circuit, located in the desert city of Doha, will be where the teams put the finishing touches to all their preparations ahead of the season.

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