2017: A year full of laughter with Marc and Dani

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Apart from an amazing season, our riders have also had some really fun times this year. You don’t believe us? Well, just take a look at these photos of Repsol Honda’s most laughter-filled moments of 2017.

marc y dani riendo en cesta de globo aerostático
2017: A year full of laughter with Marc and Dani

Do you remember the adventures our riders had this year? They certainly do!


The Calçotada with the Repsol Honda Team

Marc Márquez y Dani Pedrosa comiendo calçots

The Repsol Honda MotoGP and Trial riders met up to eat some delicious chargrilled calçots (a type of spring onion from Catalonia) to mark the traditional calçotada festival. Marc told the others how to eat them, peeling them and dipping them in a traditional sauce. A great day all round enjoying good food in the best possible company.


Encouraging students to study science in Houston

Marc y Dani haciendo un experimento con niños

In the same week before the Americas Grand Prix Marc and Dani visited the Repsol offices in Houston. There, they handed out awards to primary, middle, and high school students in recognition of their innovative science projects. They even rolled up their sleeves and got involved in some experiments.


The Samurai country dances like a cowboy

Dani Pedrosa lanzando sombrero de cow boy

During the Americas GP Media Day, Dani Pedrosa and other riders from the grid were invited to a unique party where they had the chance to dust off their cowboy boots and try out country dancing. Judging from the pictures, Dani certainly had a whale of a time dosey doeing to traditional music from the United States.


Repsol Talent

Marc y Dani posando sobre sus motos Repsol Honda

Do you remember the comic adventure our riders had this year? They certainly do as they had a great day filming it. They even found time to answer some of the fans’ questions in #AskMarcDani2017.



Marc márquez y Dani Pedrosa sobre tractor

Although they are better known for riding their MotoGP bikes, this year we got the chance to see Marc and Dani put themselves to the test with other types of vehicles, like this tractor. Our riders had a real laugh at the wheel of the tractor as they made their way through an obstacle course.


A balloon ride at the Catalunya GP

Marc y Dani con monitores en un globo aerostático

Would you believe us if we told you that the Repsol Honda Team made their way to Montmeló in a hot air balloon? Well, believe it or not, just before the Catalunya GP Marc and Dani hopped into the basket of one of these emblematic aircraft. Even though they didn’t get vertigo, they did admit the ride was a bit hair-raising at some points!


Lawnmower race

Marc Márquez y Dani Pedrosa en cortacéspedes rojos

Lawnmowers are a long way off the top speeds that Marc and Dani reach on their bikes, but that’s no excuse for not giving it your all in a race with these machines. The Repsol Honda riders faced up to each other in this unique head-to-head race, showcasing their great skills atop the lawnmowers in a tight competition.


One-of-a-kind badminton match

Marc Márquez a punto de golpear pluma de badminton con raqueta vistiendo polo Repsol

Marc Márquez took part in this match of a sport we don’t see him play very often. Without a moment’s hesitation, number 93 picked up the racket and gave his all in this event during the Media Day for the Malaysian GP.



Marc márquez se saca un selfi rodeado de fans

Marc Márquez’s team had a great time celebrating his sixth world championship title in Cervera! It really was something, with the fanbase and the entire village calling out the name of their hero in unison. To the delight of the crowds, Marc also recreated his famous “almost fall” from the Valencia GP.


The Repsol Team goes back to school

Marc Márquez, Toni Bou, Dani Pedrosa y Takahisa Fujinami posan frente a niños con guantes naranjas

What better way to end the season than bringing the team together to join the fight against bullying in the Sagrada Familia de Madrid school. The children had the chance to ask the riders questions in a fun event that was enjoyed by all.


Don’t laugh!

Dani Pedrosa y Takahisa Fujinami sentados frente a frente miran a camara

The Repsol Honda Team held a contest to see who could keep a straight face for the longest. The riders and some other members of the team went head-to-head in this challenge. Do you want to know who won? Find out in this video. You might be surprised at the result!

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