Alonso López and Arón Canet leave Japan empty handed

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López places eighteenth and Canet crashes out on the opening lap.

Arón Canet en la parrilla de Salida
Alonso López and Arón Canet leave Japan empty handed

The Moto3 riders took off from the seventh row, with Canet in nineteenth position and Lopez in 20th.

On the opening corners, Canet tried a pass but was taken off track due to other riders. When coming back on, he lost the front end and crashed.

López regained several positions on the first lap and was up into fifteenth, but remained in the second group and finally crossed the finish line in eighteenth position.

Marc con su equipo saludando sobre la moto


Marc Márquez with Repsol, 2018 MotoGP World Champions

13 hours ago

Moto 3 japanese GP – Arón Canet & Alonso López’s statements

Alonso López

Throughout the weekend I felt very comfortable and was happy with how things were going. The race started well and I managed to climb several positions, but in the middle I started having some problems that made me drop back again.

I couldn’t brake hard and I was running a bit wide on the corners, which meant I didn’t have the same feeling as at the beginning of the race. We have to continue learning; I’m really looking forward to going to Australia.

Arón Canet

It was a bit of a tough race. I made a good start, moving up several positions, but on the second corner there was a very large group of riders and I had a small incident that made me go off track. When I came back on, I went onto the rumble strip and crashed, because there was a bit of a bump. Now we have to go to Australia even more motivated and try to have a good race.

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