Important victory for Toni Bou in Belgium

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The Repsol Honda Team rider achieves his fifth win of the year in TrialGP, and remains leader of the overall standings. Gabriel Marcelli misses out on a podium after finishing fourth.

Important victory for Toni Bou in Belgium

This weekend the fourth round of the TrialGP World Championship was held in Belgium, and the two Repsol Honda Team riders had a great performance in a very tight GP.

Toni Bou, with a total of 27 points, was second on the opening lap, fighting back on the second lap thanks to an excellent ride in the final sections.

His teammate, Gabriel Marcelli, finished fourth after a great performance that allowed him to challenge for the podium throughout the day.

After taking his fifth victory in TrialGP this year, Bou holds a 26-point lead over nearest rival Busto. Marcelli occupies seventh position with 72 points.

The Repsol Honda Trial Team will travel to Cahors, France, next Sunday, for the fifth round of the season.

Rider statements

Toni Bou

“It was a very tight race, in which you couldn’t make many mistakes. On the first lap we had fiascos on Zones 3 and 11, where we lost a lot of points. On the second lap, we were very focused, trying not to make any errors, although we made a big one at Zone 2. I took a risk that I could have avoided, as it made the race even more difficult. Fortunately, from then on we rode very well, remained focused on our objective and in the end we have achieved another victory. We are very happy. In addition, I felt comfortable on the bike and I was able to defend my lead against my rivals, despite the fact that I am not a specialist rider on terrain like that which we had today. It is a very important victory for the title chase. It’s great to pick up points here and continue to extend my lead.”

Gabriel Marcelli

“It was a slightly more old-fashioned trial, and more about riding. I am very happy with how I rode today, since this is a type of terrain that I’m not particularly good on. I found the start of the race a little hard, but soon I managed to change things and I started to ride as I know how. I consider a fourth place in these conditions to be a good result, and very important for the championship. We are always looking for a little more, and we wanted the podium, but a fourth place is more than acceptable.”

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