Bou rounds off another perfect season in Andorra

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With the X-Trial title already won, the Repsol Honda Team rider finishes second in the last event of the season. Gabriel Marcelli places fifth.

Bou rounds off another perfect season in Andorra

Despite the fact that Toni Bou dominated the first two rounds of the event, scoring 0 points in both, in the final he made a small mistake that caused him to incur 5 points and finish the race second, behind Jaime Busto.

After celebrating the podium finish, the Repsol Honda Team rider wore the 2022 X-Trial World Champion gold medal in front of his fans.

Gabriel Marcelli put in a good performance at Andorra la Vella to finish fourth and fifth in the first and second rounds. With this result, the Repsol Honda Team rider ends the season in fifth.

Rider statements

Toni Bou

“I’m happy with how the night went. We put on a great show, we enjoyed ourselves and we did very well on the bike. It was an easy race and we knew we couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. On the first two rounds we scored 0 points but, in the final, I made an error at Zone 2 that was very difficult to recover from. On Zone 4, Jaime faltered a bit and it looked like we could close in and fight for the win, but he finally got away from us. We went for the victory until the end, as that is our DNA. I’m happy with the show we put on, and that we could celebrate the title in Andorra. It’s been a very good season, with four wins and one second place.”

Gabriel Marcelli

“I’m satisfied with how the season has gone, especially as we were unable to attend the first round of the X-Trial World Championship. That hurt us a lot in the overall standings. I wanted to end the season with a podium, since I’d been very close, but that’s racing. I made a serious mistake on Zone 4, but overall the season has been positive. We finish the year fifth overall and we are happy.”

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