Video: 2020 as viewed by Repsol Honda Trial Team

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2020 was far from a bad year for Repsol Honda Trial Team with twin title wins for Toni Bou, the second sealed at the Italian TrialGP, which the champion dominated after overcoming numerous hindrances.

Toni Bou en la prueba previa el TrialGP de Italia
Video: 2020 as viewed by Repsol Honda Trial Team

Repsol Honda Team brought down the curtain on a successful season, which just a few months ago had seemed impossible. The 2020 TrialGP World Championship calendar – squeezed into little more than a month, with four events made up of eight trials – concluded in Italy with Toni Bou claiming the championship title after having battled against all odds.

The championship began in Isola 2000, France, with a win and an early warning for Bou, whose right arm began showing signs of strain from a previous injury. Bou, nevertheless, was able to make it onto the podium in the second trial, taking third place, despite obvious physical issues. Takahisa Fujinami began a 25th season in the Trial World Championship with mixed fortunes and finished sixth somewhat short of his original intention.

Without stopping to pause, the Repsol Honda Team rider clinched top honours in both the Spanish TrialGP events in Pobladura de las Regueras, over a highly taxing course. Bou consolidated the leadership while “Fujigas” was less fortunate in the results.

The trial in Andorra gave Bou’s immediate rivals a lifeline. A bad day for Toni – in runner-up spot – on the first of the two days in the Pyrenees, saw the champion back on the right track in the second trial with a stunning display of riding. Fujinami narrowly missed out on a podium while regaining the good sensations.

Italy brought an end to the 2020 TrialGP World Championship three weeks later with Toni Bou crowned champion with one event still to go, again handling the Montesa Cota 4RT flawlessly, helped along by poor results from his main rival. The Repsol Honda Team rider had bagged a new outdoor title, the 14th of his career. Japanese team-mate Takahisa Fujinami was only able to finish seventh in a year with very little separating the cluster of riders competing for the top honours.

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