Red Bull Air Race

Juan Velarde’s team

Minute 1

Meet the members of Juan Verlade’s team at the red Bull Air Race.

equipo repsol de la reb bull air race
Juan Velarde’s team

Tactician: Anselmo Gámez (Spain)

20th August 1971, Madrid

Bravo3 pilot, Spanish National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, and European and International medallist.

He is a flight instructor and captain of Airbus A320 aircraft for Iberia. He has extensive experience and in-depth technical knowledge which allow him to analyse the track of each race and knock every millisecond possible off the stopwatch.

Technician: Ted Reynolds (Canada)

14th July 1981, Edmonton

An aviation enthusiast who has ample technical experience with both planes and helicopters, as well as composite materials. His work involves performing maintenance tasks on the plane, making parts when necessary, and dismantling and reassembling the plane—a process which normally takes a day of work.

Manager: Sergio Catolfi (Spain)

19th June 1971, Madrid

A trained computer technician, he joined the team in 2016. Thanks to his technological knowledge and experience, he successfully manages the team’s logistics and communication. He is also in charge of organising schedules, reserving flights, and making sure everything is where it needs to be.

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