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Female bikers, women’s motorcycling

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There is a specialized website for female bikers, we’re going to tell you all about it, if you do not know it already

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Female bikers, women’s motorcycling

Mujeres Moteras (female bikers) is a website where female bikers feel identified with.

The website is part of an initiative led by Berta Doria, a bike fan from Barcelona who, back in 2012, wanted to share her passion with other women on a Facebook page with the same name, which immediately drew attention and support from other female bikers.

From that initial idea, she developed her current blog, her objective being “to ensure that female bikers are offered the same products and services as male motorists”.

On it, she publishes her own content, and organizes events and training courses for women—both on the road and on the track.

And of course, information on new motorcycle models is also published—with dynamic testing—and on specific equipment for female riders.

At, you can also find diaries of routes and group trips organized by the site, and all kinds of general information aimed at a female audience.

However, the most unique part, which defines and personalizes the website, is found in Berta Doria’s own personal opinions.

Under the title “Bertadas”, she herself tells us that “they are kind of editorials where I explain what I think, what I feel, or whatever simply crosses my mind that I want to share”.

Berta likes that the fact that “Mujeres Moteras” gives the editorial team “the satisfaction of being able to do something that the female motorcycle sector needs, trying to eliminate its shortcomings and making motorcycling in general adapt to women so that they can easily find a way into it”.

It is true that, at the moment, its scope is restricted, logically, to Catalonia, but the website gets visits from all over the world, and she doesn’t rule out opening editorial offices in other locations.

In any case, it’s easy to see why Mujeres Moteras is such a success, from all the happy riders who take part in the outings, courses, or events.

Mujeres Moteras is, as its main developer says, “a place where its followers can be themselves (men too), as although the main objective is focused on promoting female motorcycling, and ultimately women bikers, the platform is open to everyone, female and male bikers, who want to experience the world of motorcycling with the same passion.

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