What language do they Speak at Repsol Honda Box?

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Professionals from a number of countries come together on Marc and Álex Márquez’s teams. What language do they use when they work together in the box? Find out here!

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What language do they Speak at Repsol Honda Box?

Do you know what language Marc and Álex use with their teams in the box? #MotoGP

In the MotoGP paddock a number of people from every country come together throughout the season, all united by a great passion: motorcycling. This multiculturalism can also be found in every box. The Repsol Honda Team is a good example of it.

Both Marc Márquez and Álex Márquez’s team work together every day to create a solid working family, where it is not strange to hear languages like Japanese, English, Italian, and Spanish.

These languages are common during breaks, during breakfast, or in private conversations. But when it’s time to work in the box, the team becomes a single, well oiled “machine”, and then the most practical option is to use a single language to maintain perfect communication.

Marc y Santi en el Box

Different nationalities

Marc’s team is made up of people from Spain, Italy, Japan, and Germany.

Of course, it is common to hear the languages from these countries, but at the end of the day the official working language is English.

One of the virtues of this language is its widespread use which allows a German mechanic, such as Emanuel Buchner, to communicate with a Spanish mechanic, like Pedro Calvet. And this is just one example.

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