Repsol Honda’s best races at the Australian GP

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Australia is a very special place for the Repsol Honda Team. It’s where it all began back in 1995, with the team’s first race — and first victory. Many others have followed, but we’d like to look back with you on Repsol Honda’s best races at the Australian GP. You’re gonna love ’em!

Marc Márquez celebra frente a Cal Crutchlow sobre la moto
Repsol Honda’s best races at the Australian GP

El GP de Australia de 2011 fue único en muchos sentidos. Estuvo muy lejos de ser una carrera convencional.


Doohan’s victory in 1995


Though now we always associate the Australian GP with the end of the season, in 1995 the calendar was quite different. The World Championship kicked off in Eastern Creek and a brand-new team was making its debut: Repsol Honda, with riders Àlex Crivillé, Shinichi Itō, and World Champion Mick Doohan.

As the Australian was in top form, he made the pole that Saturday. Starting from the first position, the race was an individual demonstration of talent and skill. Doohan achieved the fastest lap and the victory, crossing the finish line with a 13-second advantage over the next rider (Daryl Beattie). Àlex Crivillé rounded out the podium in third place.

Okada’s victory in 1999


The best season for Japanese rider Tadayuki Okada was in ’99, where he finished third in the final standings of the World Championship. This achievement was possible thanks to his three victories during the season, the last and most memorable of them being at the Australian GP. Duelling for the first position with the Italian rider Max Biaggi, Okada made it first past the line by only 85 milliseconds. In the last lap his bike faltered momentarily, giving a scare to the fans who held their breaths for a few seconds, but in the end the Repsol Honda rider clinched a closed but rightly deserved victory.

 Stoner’s victory in 2011

17 GP Australia 26 27 y 28 de octubre de 2012; ambiente; amb

The Australian GP of 2011 was in many ways unique. It was far from a conventional race: only 14 riders began, and of them only 10 finished the race. The weather was of no help, with intense winds that only complicated the work of the riders. Only four laps from the end, a sudden cloudburst made it look like Casey Stoner would have to change vehicles, but he overcame all the difficulties, putting himself at the head of the pack and staying in complete control of the situation. Without changing his bike, the very rider who would later win that season’s World Championship kept control of the situation with masterful skill. The authority over the race he showed was complete, as he had also begun from pole position and made the fastest lap in the race.

Márquez’s victory in 2015

16 Australia 15, 16, 17 y 18 de octubre de 2015; circuito de Phillip Islan.  MotoGP; mgp; motogp

Though starting from the pole, after taking off the rider from Cervera soon saw himself relegated to the third position. It wasn’t looking to be an easy race, with Iannone and Jorge Lorenzo staying ahead of him. Nevertheless, Marc dug into his position with patience, not letting himself be affected by riders passing him or the manoeuvres of the leading group. Finally, and on the final lap, Marc was able to move up two positions. Once he was back with the group of leaders, No. 93 gave it everything he had and finished with the victory whilst also snatching up the fastest lap.

Now the team is returning to this special place in the south of Australia, where it all began. For yet another year, we’re prepared to cheer on our riders with everything we’ve got, and hold our breath when it gets too exciting. Phillips Island isn’t an easy circuit, and that’s why the victories here are always very special.

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