Repsol Honda, the MotoGP team with the most awards in 2017

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After an emotion-filled season, we can safely say the team has achieved colossal results. With 21 podiums and eight wins, it has secured the Team World Championship and World Champion title. In short, Repsol Honda has owned 2017.

Marc Márquez y Dani Pedrosa en el podio de Valencia
Repsol Honda, the MotoGP team with the most awards in 2017

They have given their best, working hard and improving constantly.


A lot of work at first

The beginning of the season wasn’t the best for our team. We didn’t make it to the podium at the first race in Qatar and didn’t manage to score in Argentina. We started to work hard and turned our results around at the Americas Grand Prix.

Dani joined Marc at the podium, bringing us to a pivotal moment. Maverick Viñales, who had started strong at the beginning of the season, was holding on to the lead.

The team arrives in Europe

We made an impact at the Spanish GP. Repsol Honda secured its first double win of the year, with Dani Pedrosa at the lead and bagging win number 3000 at the World Championship. At the Catalunya GP, the team also had a double win, with Marc arriving in second place and Dani in third. The hitherto discrete Andrea Dovizioso then began to secure wins, changing the competition’s panorama, where as many as five riders fought to take the lead.

dani pedrosa gana gp numero 3000

Then came the summer

Repsol Honda established a more solid lead in the races that followed. The team had double podiums at the Dutch, German, and Austrian GPs, and one double win in the Czech Republic.

In Aragón, there were two clear contenders for the title: Marc Márquez and Andrea Dovizioso. Repsol Honda met with complete success at the MotorLand race, securing the season’s third double win and managing to have Marc regain his lead in the overall standings.

The Asian tour

As is customary, Aragón was followed by the Asian tour, a particularly delicate segment of the championship where Marc’s shot at the title began to emerge.

Even under a downpour, number 93 arrived in second place at Motegi. His rival (Dovizioso), however, went away victorious that day, shortening the score gap. At Phillip Island, however, it was the rider from Cervera who managed to move up in the race, bagging 25 points and a significant margin — this afforded him the first shot at the Sepang title. Ultimately, victory slipped through number 93’s fingers and he was denied the podium at the Malaysian circuit.

16 Australia 19, 20, 21 y 22 de octubre de 2017.  Circuito de Phillipe Islan. Australia.MotoGP, MGP, mgp, motogp

An exciting end

This is how we made it to Valencia 2017, without a declared champion and brimming with emotion. Though the Repsol Honda team rider had a good position, the audience held its breath at the moment when, overtaking Zarco, Marc careered off the track. Silence reigned for a few, uncertain seconds while we waited to see what would happen next…and Marc Márquez left us speechless, propping up the bike quickly and getting it out of the gravel.

He had been overtaken by two riders in the process, but he was still going and had a chance at the title. The race ended with a deserved victory for Dani Pedrosa, securing not only the Team World Championship but also a fourth place in the overall standings.

18 Valencia 9, 10, 11 y 12 de noviembre de 2017.  Circuito de Ricardo Tormo. Valencia. MotoGP, MGP, mgp, motogp

This double win turned 12th November 2017 into a day of celebration for all the members of the team. At Box Repsol, we want to congratulate Marc and Dani and the entire team for an impressive season. They have given their best, working hard and improving constantly. These 21 podiums and eight victories prove it, and make Honda Repsol the most prized team of 2017.

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