Podium and series lead for Canet; comeback from López for sixth place

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Repsol rider Arón Canet took second place in Argentina, whilst teammate Alonso López moved up fifteen positions for a praiseworthy sixth place in his second race in the World Championship.

Podium and series lead for Canet; comeback from López for sixth place

It is a very positive result


Arón Canet

Arón Canet’s second consecutive podium allows him to take the lead in the World Championship with 40 points, 10 more than his closest rival.

The Moto3 Repsol rider started from eighth in a race began with the track wet, but in which the surface dried out quickly.

Alonso López moved up eight positions on the first lap and continued his progress, crossing the finish line in sixth. It was a great performance in his second race in the World Championship, at another circuit unfamiliar to him before this weekend.

Arón Canet

It’s been a race that we had to finish; one of those that make a mark on the World Championship if you make a mistake. We made the right decision in the end, and I think that part of that is due to the experience we have from three years in the World Championship. We decided to start with wet tyres and, when the track started to dry out more at the end of the race, I forced the pace a little and I was able to escape from Fabio [Di Giannantonio]. Nevertheless, he caught up with me on the last lap and thanks to the television screens I was able to see that he was very close, so at the last braking point I closed the door as much as I could. Finally I took second position, which is a very positive result.

Alonso López

It was a very difficult race, but to be honest I was hoping for it to be wet. I knew that in those conditions I was consistent and I had a good pace, so when we were on the grid and I saw that it wasn’t going to dry out, I thought that this was my opportunity. I took things very calmly on the first and second corners, and then I began to attack and overtake other riders. I had a good pace and was getting past a lot of riders, until I reached the group in which I finished the race. They had much more experience than me, so I prefered to watch what they were doing and how they were on the brakes. I knew that they were going to come into contact with each other, so I waited for my moment and got past when that happened. I’m very happy with the result; now we know that we are competitive in wet conditions.

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