Our experience in competition at your service

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Competitions are our testing grounds. At each race, we use lubricants with experimental components which are later used in our products. Would you like to learn how we do it?

Marc Márquez y Dani Pedrosa con lubricantes Repsol
Our experience in competition at your service

Repsol Moto Lubricants

The lubricant of champions

Repsol Moto lubricants

Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo

Learn about how we test our lubricants.

Step 1

19 demanding Grand Prix


Each MotoGP season provides us with a chance to test our lubricants in the most demanding conditions.

Jorge Lorenzo

Step 2

More than 2000 kilometres of top performance

Over the season, our riders cover many kilometres in search of excellent performance of Repsol lubricants.

Step 3

800 litres of lubricant in the hands of the best specialists

Step 4

Repsol Technology Lab

All the work performed in competitions is analysed by our researchers at the Repsol Technology Lab to fine-tune the product’s properties and provide our customers with the best performance.

Moto lubricants

Step 5

New Repsol Moto Lubricants

We apply everything we have learned in elite competition in our products.

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