MotoGP 2017: Regulation changes

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What are the changes you need to be aware of this year? Has security increased in the Championship? New speed limits in the Pit Lane? Is the intermediate tyre disappearing? For yet another year, the FIM has published the regulations that will govern the 18 GPs of 2017.

MotoGP 2017: Regulation changes

Join us as we analyse the changes in detail.

These are the new regulations for this year


Bike swaps

When changing bikes during a race there may only be four team mechanics in the pit lane. These mechanics must wear a crash helmet. Only the rider can select the bike gear, but a mechanic may hold the clutch lever to facilitate the exit.

16 GP Australia 20, 21, 22 y 23 de octubre de 2016. Circuito de Phillip Island. MotoGP, motogp, mgp, MGP, Mgp

Penalties for exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane

Penalties have been increased for exceeding the pit lane speed limit (60 km/h, or 37mp/h). First-time infractions face a financial penalty (€200 / £170), and upon a second infraction the amount is increased. Should the infraction be repeated it is up to the marshals to transfer these penalties to disciplinary actions for the race.


Greater wheel monitoring

It is mandatory for the front and rear wheels to carry pressure and temperature sensors. These help increase the safety of the motorbike and prevent damage to the tyre. The data can be checked at any time by marshals or Michelin technicians. In addition, the intermediate tyre will disappear. This will not be an option for any rider.


Bodywork and fairing

For one, limitations have been set on both the windscreen and fairing. Additionally, the FIM prohibits elements which protrude from the bodywork, such as the winglets we saw last season. The teams must have a maximum of two fairings and two windscreens, all homologated, for the exclusive use of each rider.

These are the new regulations for this year. Marc and Dani will be on the circuits as soon as the season kicks off in Qatar, with their bikes set up for the latest changes. You can follow us on and on our social networks.

Experience the excitement of the World Championship with us!

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