Márquez and Pedrosa support future scientists and engineers in Houston

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Riders visit the Repsol headquarters in the United States before the GP of The Americas, and reward the best students.

Marc Márquez y Dani pedrosa con niños dando premios
Márquez and Pedrosa support future scientists and engineers in Houston

·@26_DaniPedrosa: “It has been a pleasant surprise to meet these kids”


Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa visited Repsol’s U.S. headquarters in Houston, where they presented prizes for the best science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) projects developed by students in the area.

Among the prizewinners were students from primary, secondary and higher education, who presented projects recognised for their innovative character and accomplishments in STEM, such as the siblings who have created a robot that can navigate an obstacle course and three students who have designed an insulin pill that could replace the application of this hormone through injection. The winning students were selected based on outstanding academic performance and excellence in  STEM.

Prior to the Grand Prix of The Americas, the Repsol Honda riders also shared their experience as part of a high level competition team with Repsol employees in Houston, accustomed to carrying out projects in multidisciplinary teams and with partners from other countries.

Dani Pedrosa y Marc Márquez con cientificos niños

Marc Márquez

“It’s incredible to be with these young talents today in Houston. It’s a surprise how young they are and the things they have created. The Repsol facilities in Houston are modern and we have had the opportunity to meet employees who have come from all over North America. Now we will leave for Austin by car, and tomorrow we will begin to prepare the weekend there.”

Dani Pedrosa

“This is the second consecutive year that I have come to Houston. Last year I visited NASA and this year we are at Repsol’s offices in the United States. It has been a pleasant surprise to meet these kids at the Repsol Students Innovation Awards, and they have left us speechless. We have also met employees who have come from all offices in the United States and Canada.”

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