Márquez and Espargaró learn the secrets of biofuels for competition

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The Repsol Honda Team riders visit the Repsol Technology Lab, located in Móstoles, where the fuels and lubricants that will be used in the MotoGP World Championship are developed – and work is also being done on biofuels for competition.

Márquez and Espargaró learn the secrets of biofuels for competition

Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró have visited the Repsol Technology Lab in Madrid, where they learned first-hand how the compounds they will use during the 21 races of the 2022 Motorcycle World Championship are produced. During the visit, they themselves were able to manufacture their own sustainable fuel.

In the same way that the Repsol Honda Team riders strive to cut thousandths of a second off their lap times, everyone at the Repsol Technology Lab works hard to make a difference when it comes to formulating their fuels and lubricants. Each year they start from a blank canvas, with the determination to formulate the best possible compound, so that both Márquez and Espargaró can fight for the title in the premier class.

Adding to this ambition is a new challenge for the Repsol Technology Lab of achieving efficiency and sustainability, since in 2024 all fuels in the World Championship must contain at least 40% fuel of non-fossil origin – rising to 100% in 2027.

This future scenario that Repsol and HRC are preparing for was in mind as the riders created their own sustainable fuel.

Rider Statements


“It is always interesting to learn more about how the fuel we use is produced, in the end it is the ‘food’ for our motorcycle and the better ‘fed’ it is, the better it will perform. We are lucky in the Repsol Honda team to be able to benefit from Repsol’s development work on our fuels and biofuels, which combines efficiency and high performance, without forgetting sustainability.”


“I think it is important to know the production process that goes into our fuels. In addition, the future is heading towards sustainability and, as a father, it is something that I feel strongly about. I am grateful to Repsol because they keep moving in an increasingly sustainable way. All this goes through technology and competition, where we have to perform at our best, with all the features but also with fuel limits, which forces you to be more efficient. Repsol is a pioneer in many sectors and will continue to play a very important role in the future as well, as we will see when Dorna make the move to biofuels.”

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