Marking 900 races in MotoGP: Repsol Honda conquered 20%

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This number says it all: Repsol Honda has the most wins in the history of the World Championship. 900 races have taken place in the top category since 1949, with the best team in the world on top.

Marc Márquez con el trofeo de Phillip Island
Marking 900 races in MotoGP: Repsol Honda conquered 20%

180 wins may sound like a lot, but the number really is remarkable when you do the math and discover that it’s 20% of all races ever held!

If we also take into account the amount of those victories that have occurred since Repsol Honda’s creation back in 1995, the figure is extraordinary: 42%. In almost half of the 424 great contests in which Repsol Honda participated, it has taken home a win. That’s 180 victories.

Some impressive numbers for a team that continues building its legend year after year.

Repsol Honda Team


One hundred victories in MotoGP for the Repsol Honda Team!

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