MarcLand: Marc Márquez’s perfect circuit

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Is there such a thing as an impossible circuit for six-time world champion Marc Márquez? That’s debatable, but we do know he has some favourites. With this in mind we’ve built an imaginary track that fits number 93 right down to a tee.

MarcLand circuito ideal para Marc Márquez
MarcLand: Marc Márquez’s perfect circuit

With 23 turns and a very fast sector, MarcLand is an extreme circuit in every way possible

Length 5.874m
Number of turns 23 turns, 9 right and 14 left
Approximate maximum speed 350 Km/h
Number of laps 20
Race distance 117.4 Km

You will probably remember The Jorge Lorenzo International Circuit and how circuits would be if riders rode in the opposite direction. Well, today we are going to present MarcLand — a high-speed circuit full of gradient changes, inclines, sectors with unrelenting turns, and brutal top speeds that would surely delight Marc Márquez.

MarcLand circuito ideal para Marc Márquez

Sector 1: The most Repsol Honda turns from Phillip Island

As you can see, Marcland is an anticlockwise circuit. This isn’t in the least bit surprising seeing as the majority of Marc’s favourite circuits are like this. Sector 1 is inspired by turns 1 to 4 from Phillip Island, and here it is also the starting straight. This part of the track has closed and open turns that are the perfect match for riders that break hard and push the accelerator to the max. Three of these four turns are named after the Repsol Honda Team: Doohan Corner, Stoner Corner, and Honda Corner.

Marc Márquez rodando cerca del mar

Sector 2: Twisting the corkscrew

If MarcLand really existed, this sector would put most of the riders on the grid to the test, but it would probably be one of Marc’s favourite parts of the World Championship. Why? Here we don’t have just one corkscrew, but two! Turns 7 and 8 are inspired by turns 8 and 9 at Motorland, a highly technical downhill sector with closed turns. Once we come out of the next turn, we are faced with the classic corkscrew from Laguna Seca in turns 10 and 11. These successive turns work their charm on many riders, one of them being Marc.

Marc Márquez pisando un piano muy famoso

Sector 3: Heating up one side of the tyre like at Sachsenring

This German circuit is one of our favourites for many reasons. To mix things up, instead of focusing on the turns in the first technical sector, we’re going to focus on the part leading up to the fastest sector. Turn 16, inspired by turn 11 from the Sachsenring circuit, deserves special attention. After a few fast left-hand bend since turn 12, we finally get to a right-hand turn that is also on a downhill slope. Any slip-ups at this point can spell catastrophe as the right side of the tyre will be much cooler, making for a sudden change in grip. If we take the turn well, it’s all worth it and we’ll enter the longest straight at a speed of 350 Km/h. That marks the end of the sector and the start of a steep climb with a closed turn.

Marc Márquez tumbando la moto en Sachsenring

Sector 4: Circuit of the Americas — Márquez territory

We couldn’t leave a circuit like COTA out of MarcLand. The rider from Cervera made his début in the World Championship in the same year as the North American circuit and, since then, has shown that he is a true expert at this track by achieving all the pole positions and 6 victories. The final sector is a faithful imitation of turns 1 to 5 of the original circuit. After a short and sharp uphill section and a slow, closed turn, we move downhill towards a series of unrelenting turns. It’s the most authentic American flavour in motorcycling!

Marc Márquez levantando la rueda en COTA, Austin

With 23 turns and a very fast sector, MarcLand is an extreme circuit in every way possible. The diverse types of turns present a challenge in every lap and make the motorbike setup and electronics far more complicated. But who doesn’t love a challenge? We bet Marc would love to try out this track!

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